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Beaver Creek is a popular destination for a mountain getaway in Colorado.  The only hitch is the distance Beaver Creek is from the Denver Airport.  Once you land in the mile high city, you still have a two hour trek and nearly 3,000 feet of elevation gain between you and the mountain town.  Many overlook transportation until they’ve touched ground in Colorado, and though this may work for some, have a list of backup plans ready if you can’t find a ride to Beaver Creek.

Rental Cars… Good or Bad?

The go-to option for many travelers is a rental car.  This can be a great option depending on the type of vacation you’re on or location, but the mountains will make you think twice about renting your own vehicle.

Types of Rental Cars

It’s always nice to snag a big Suburban for your vacation, but this can ring up quite the bill.  You’ll often be stuck with a sedan that’s not equipped with 4WD, and even if it’s 70 degrees and sunny in Denver, expect any sort of weather to roll in as you reach the mountains.

The Drive

Eliminate traffic jams and weather conditions and the drive from the Denver Airport to Beaver Creek is still 2 hours and 18 minutes.  As mentioned above, you’ll be climbing about 2,800 feet in elevation as well, making this venture taxing on the gas tank.  Vail Pass is not forgiving whatsoever when it comes to rain, snow, or cars on the road either.  If you’re not used to windy, steep graded roads, Vail Pass is going to be an anxiety attack for you.  Bring in traffic, holidays, or braving the elements and you have yourself a day of crawling along I-70 in hopes to make it to Beaver Creek before all the restaurant kitchens shut down.

Colorado Mountain Passes


Where do we even start… parking is quite the hassle in any mountain town in Colorado.  If you find a free parking spot at any time during your stay, consider yourself incredibly lucky.  During peak ski season, visitor lots will ask $15 or more a day for a few hours on the slopes.  If you haven’t asked your the lodge your staying in about parking yet, you should.  Many hotels in the area tack on a few extra bucks a day for a parking spot.

Uber & Lyft

This up and coming transportation option has become popular among smartphone users over the past few years, due to the fact that a ride is just a few thumb clicks away.  Don’t get us wrong, Uber and Lyft are fantastic options for those who need a ride across down or home from karaoke night, but they are not reliable for airport transportation.


You pay for Uber and Lyft by mileage and time, so if you’re stuck in traffic or it takes an extra hour to reach Beaver Creek you’re going to pay for it.  We’re not talking just a few dollars, it’s a chunk of your travel money that could be used in a smarter way for your vacation.

Who Will Be Driving Me?

Another con of Lyft and Uber is the fact that the drivers are inexperienced.  Sure, some may have a great record and you’ll zip from point A to point B in no time, but these companies don’t put their drivers through training prior to hiring them.

Breckenridge Colorado Travel

Shared Shuttles

After we’ve scratched a bus, train, and another plane off of our list, we’ve come up with the best solution for transportation from the Denver Airport to Beaver Creek: shared shuttles.  You can book your ride in advance and know exactly what time your shuttle will be picking you up from the airport.  The drivers are experienced and have traveling under non ideal conditions on lock.

Riding with Peak 1 Express

If you book a shared shuttle with Peak 1 Express, you can expect a sleek, black Mercedes sprinter van to be picking you up at the airport.  The spacious, high-roof vehicles allow you to sit back and relax as the experienced driver brings you up the mountains.  Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and beverages while on board and Peak 1 Express will take care of the rest. Not to mention there are plenty of discount locations you can choose for the most affordable ride to the Rockies!

Still not fully convinced?  Check out the great transportation deals Peak 1 Express is currently offering and get a ride to the mountains checked off of your list!