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Peak 1 Express takes pride in the ability to get customers to their destinations in a efficient and safe manner.

We do everything we can to prepare our driver’s and vehicles to take on all road conditions but weather is often a unavoidable factor when it comes to I-70 commutes. Utilizing traffic monitoring software, driver communication, and extensive training gives us a true advantage when it comes to transporting customers on the sunniest of days or the most severe storms.

How Storms Can Affect Travel

  • Passenger Vehicle Traction & Chain Laws: Throughout the winter, weather conditions on I-70 can often prompt the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to implement Passenger Vehicle Traction and Chain laws. While these laws are active, drivers need their vehicles to meet a few requirements to assure they have what they need to safely navigate the snowy roads. Vehicles need either snow tires, tires with mud/snow designation, or a four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicle. A minimum one-eighth inch tread are also required and those with tires that don’t meet the requirements can install chains or an alternative traction device. Fines for vehicles not abiding these laws can be fined more than $650.
  • Tunnel Closures: When traveling to or from the airport from Summit County/Vail Valley, travelers will need to go through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70. With an elevation of over 11,000 feet, this tunnel is the highest vehicular tunnel in the United States and can often find itself surrounded by extreme weather. When auto accidents occur near or within the tunnel, it will often need to be temporarily closed while emergency services work at the scene. These tunnel closures can slow traffic for any amount of time that it may take to clear the scene of an accident.
  • Vail Pass Closures: Vail Pass is a section of I-70 located between and Eagle and Summit counties and like the Eisenhower Tunnel, can often find itself swarmed with intense winter storms. When the roads get too slippery or visibility becomes too poor, the pass will be shutdown until it is safe enough to navigate again.
Peak 1 Express dispatchers
Peak 1 Express Dispatch Center

Peak 1 Express Storm Procedures

  • Schedule Shifts: When necessary, we’ll add more time between each pick up to account for heavy traffic slow downs, we contact customers to inform them of delays or any pickup time changes (it is important to include accurate contact numbers when booking).
  • Accrue Staff: We bring in additional staff in order to improve service for customers.
  • Driveway/Road Evaluations: Drivers are trained to evaluate driveway and road conditions when picking up customers. We will occasionally send a Peak 1 Express SUV to handle deeper snow conditions in these areas.

Ready for the Roads 

  • CDOT Communication: Our staff closely monitors all CDOT alerts/updates in order to better direct drivers.
  • Communication with Tunnel Staff: Dispatchers communicate with Eisenhower Tunnel employees for accurate updates on tunnel closures.
  • Shuttle Tracking and Communication: Dispatchers utilize software that tracks our shuttles in order to ensure they are on schedule and taking the correct routes.
  • Traffic Monitoring Software: Our dispatchers constantly monitor traffic flow in order to identify the best possible routes of travel.
  • Winter Equipped Vehicles: Our vehicles use top of the line winter tires and always have additional traction equipment on board and ready.

Guest Recommendations

  • Concerned about weather delays? If guests are concerned about slow downs from weather conditions, it is never a bad idea to be extra safe by calling and scheduling an earlier pickup time.
  • Provide accurate and additional contact information. To ensure clear and accurate trip updates such as pickup time changes, we implore customers to provide us with accurate contact numbers of any of the riders so Peak 1 Express can better communicate any information they may need to be updated on.
  • Prepare for the pickup. In order to achieve the smoothest experience for all customers, it’s important to be packed and ready to go when the shuttle arrives.

Our number one goal is to get riders to their destination safely and on time. 

We train our staff to be as prepared for weather and traffic situations of all kinds in an effort to give our passengers the most effortless and efficient experiences possible but it is always possible that outside circumstances can occur. Please review some of our policies regarding some of these issues.

Peak 1 Express Policies

  • Cancellation Policy:

    For SHARED SHUTTLES: You are able to cancel up until 24 hours before your transportation for a 90% refund.  If you cancel within those 24 hours, you are not eligible for a refund, but you will receive a 90% trip credit with Peak 1 Express that is valid for a year and transferrable to a friend or family member. 

    For PRIVATE VEHICLESYou are able to cancel up until 72 hours before your transportation for a 90% refund.  If you cancel within those 72 hours, you are not eligible for a refund, but you will receive a 90% trip credit with Peak 1 Express that is valid for a year and transferrable to a friend or family member.

  • Missed Flight Policy: Peak 1 Express will not be responsible for delays causing missed flights that are the result of inclement weather, unforeseen road closures, highway construction, abnormally heavy traffic, traffic that is being metered by the Colorado Department of Transportation, or any other conditions. During Holidays and peak travel days, please be aware that weather, traffic or unforeseen road closures can severely impact travel times in the mountains.  Availability may be limited for last minute changes.
  • Tight Connection Policy: Peak 1 Express waives any responsibility for missed flights, change fees, lodging costs, or any other additional costs incurred as a result of a missed flight or shuttle connection. Guests that choose pickup times that are not recommended by a Peak 1 Express transportation specialist realize that they are greatly increasing the risk of missing flights or shuttle connections and will not hold Peak 1 Express responsible.

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Peak 1 Express provides the most convenient and affordable airport transportation service in the mountains. Specializing in late nights and early mornings, we proudly offer the most shuttle time and trip options of any mountain shuttle provider. We’ll get you to the mountains as soon as your flight lands, so you can spend more time skiing, less time waiting around for transportation. 

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