Getting to Vail, Colorado Without Renting a Car

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The flight is booked, Vail condo reserved, and skis are packed, but there’s one last thing to figure out. How are you going to make the commute from the Denver airport to your vail destination? While renting a car can be a great option for some vacations, taking a shuttle is the better option for this one.Vail Colorado

There’s a two hour drive from the Denver airport to Vail and while I-70 can be a beautiful stretch of highway, it can turn from serene to treacherous in just a matter of moments in the winter. This highway weaves through the Rockies, around 14,000 foot peaks, through tunnels, and more on it’s path from the city to the ski resorts. On many days it can be a scenic drive with stunning views, but on other days it can be something out of a nightmare to navigate. Having a vehicle with snow tires and the capability to handle the elements is a must in order to safely make the two hour trek from the airport to the ski resorts. Rental prices always shoot up during the winter season, and that goes for the bigger vehicles too. With the rental fees, the cost of gas, and parking fees really add up and lead to a hefty tab.

Once you get to Vail, having a personal vehicle really isn’t necessary due to Vail having a great public transportation system. These busses can get those staying outside of the Vail area to the mountain, and can even simply get you around the area once you’re there.

Driving Jobs in the mountains

The demand for larger SUV rentals with 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive capabilities is very high meaning there’s a good chance many will be stuck with smaller vehicles that could be very dangerous for them and everyone else on the highway. In the past few years the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has ramped up their efforts to enforce traction and chain laws. While many rentals can come with adequate tires, they rarely are equipped with the right equipment to meet chain-laws. When the law is in effect, there is very severe weather which happens often and only experienced drivers with the proper vehicles should be on the road.

Taking a shuttle alleviates the stress of making to your destination on time, having to drive in traffic jams, and navigating through extreme weather. So book a shuttle and let an experienced driver take on the task of getting you to Vail and back from DIA. Taking a shuttle does give you several options as well in order to meet your specific needs. Guests can either choose a shared shuttle which can drop you off wherever you may be staying or if you would like a more private experience, we offer a private SUV for up to five people, or a private shuttle for larger parties up to 14 people. Our shuttles are Wi-Fi equipped Mercedes sprinter that are sure to keep riders safe and comfortable.

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