5 Best Wedding Favors for Mountain Guests

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The mountains are a wonderful place to live and hold special events. From family reunions to birthdays and even weddings, the mountains are a destination that attracts people no matter the season. With picturesque mountain scenery, weddings are a very popular event in the mountains. If planning a mountain wedding, be sure to check out these 5 best wedding favors for mountain guests. Don’t forget to book your wedding transportation with Peak 1 Express to give your wedding party the best experience possible!

Beer/Alcohol: A staple in any mountain town is a good brewery and distillery. Airplane bottles are a great little give away for guests and are always a crowd pleaser. 

P1E0017Something Sweet: If having an East Coast mountain wedding maple syrup is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Maybe if having a more Rockies based wedding, use some mason jars, as they are ever popular. Fill a mason jar with treats, trailmix, or maybe s’more ingredients.  

Fire Starters/Candles: It can get cold on those mountain nights. Providing guests with a little extra heat, with either decorative pine cone fire starters, or a unique candle, to spark the flame of love is a wonderful wedding favor. P1E0022

Weather Gear: The weather get get pretty variable in the Rockies, especially when getting married at a high elevation. Give you guests some weather gear they may have forgotten. Sunglasses and umbrellas can be extremely helpful, especially when getting married outside. 

Something Green: Getting married in the mountains brings you one step closer to nature, so why not share that deep connection with your guests! A seed packet, an succulent, or even a sapling, allows your guests to take home a reminder of your newly planted love with them.