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Traveling in general can be overwhelming for some people. Having to remember all the little details can be almost too much to deal with, which is why the added stress of renting a car for your ski trip is a thing of the past. With the decreased popularity of car rentals and the increased popularity of mountain shuttle providers it’s time to hang up the keys and let the pros do the heavy lifting. Here are a few reasons to skip the rental car this year.

  1. Hidden Costs of Rental Carswinterdriving
    It’s always amazing when you’re shopping for a rental and you find the perfect size car for just dollars a day. Score! But what about insurance? Paying for an additional driver? Paying for a car with a ski or snowboard rack? What happens when you realize that front wheel drive sedan won’t cut it in the mountains, and you couldn’t even legally drive it on the interstate if it snows (See Passenger Vehicle Traction Law)? That leaves you requiring a SUV rental which averages out to about $80/day! Not to mention the cost of adding insurance (trust me, with these snowy roads you would be crazy to not buy in on the insurance). That means that a family of four in a SUV rented for 7 days (2 days of which would be purely travel to and from the airport) with insurance and a ski rack would cost roughly $1000! That totally reasonable “as low as” price just took an unreasonable turn, didn’t it?
  2. Cost of Parking
    Just because you’ve paid to stay in a lodge, hotel or home does not mean your parking is included. Some lodges in the Rockies even charge $30 a day! That adds almost $200 to your total cost. Not to mention the cost of parking in town. Most Rocky Mountain ski towns do not offer free parking. Plan to spend at least a dollar and hour for town parking.
  3. Ease & Amenities of Mountain Shuttles
    What could possibly be simpler than walking right out of the door at baggage claim, handing your bags to one of our professional drivers and boarding one of our luxury 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinters, complete with complimentary bottled water and WiFi? Nothing. There is nothing simpler than that. Your vacation should start the moment you step off that airplane. Skip the hassle of hopping a bus to the rental car lot, only to find yourself in the typical I-70 traffic of Denver and the mountains. Let our drivers deal with the traffic while you sit back and relax. Our trained dispatch team will even find the quickest route around the traffic to decrease your trip time.Ease and amenities are great, but the cost of mountain shuttles is also preferred to a rental car. Our door-to-door service is as low as $59 a person one-way, and kids are half price!

  4. Zipcarzipcar1
    Staying in Breckenridge but hoping to ski a day at Beaver Creek? That’s no reason to deal with the hassle of a rental car, thanks to Zipcar! Zipcar is a monthly membership for car sharing in various locations, including Breckenridge. All you do is join by downloading the app, reserve a vehicle and hit the road! Gas, insurance and daily mileage are all included.

A rental car in the Rockies really tends to be an expensive inconvenience. With Peak 1 Express, we will handle the trek from to and from Denver and your destination, and with Zipcar you can drive only as-needed! Looking for more information or need to book a shuttle? Give our trip specialists a call for all your transportation needs! 855-GO-PEAK1 (855-467-3251)