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It’s safe to say that getting around mountain towns during the winter season can be a tad scary to those who aren’t used to the climate. Colorado is a beautiful place to visit during this time of year but those slick and steep roads can be a tricky task for those cold-weather newcomers. If you’re looking for safe and reliable transportation throughout the mountains, you’ve come to the right place. Below I have put together a list of some of my personal favorite transportation options in the area.  

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 Community Buses

A popular option in bigger ski towns like Vail or Steamboat Springs is the community bus option. These usually run pretty regular schedules and allow you to get around and nearby the particular town you’re staying in. These options run nearly every day and are an awesome option for those looking to save a bit of money while getting around on your trip to the mountains. I highly recommend taking a look into these if you want a quick and easy trip for a great cost.  

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 Airport Shuttles

Another way to get around during the winter is by utilizing a shuttle company. A great company I like to recommend is Peak 1 Express, this company is a great option when looking for decently priced transportation between the Denver airport and the surrounding mountain towns. Not only that, but they also offer custom private transportation either from the airport or all over the wonderful state of Colorado. If you’re looking for a wide variety of travel options throughout the state, this is definitely a company that is worth reaching out to! There also are a few other similar shuttle companies you could try looking into in the area.  

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Rent a Car

Last but certainly not least, car rentals. This route of transportation is usually used by those who are more comfortable with the wintery Colorado roads. If you have a bit of experience driving in this climate and are willing to take things slow, I’m sure you and your group will do just fine with this option. This can obviously be one of the pricier options so I highly recommend booking as early in the season as possible. Also, try to remember to lean towards renting a vehicle that handles well in these icy conditions, this ensures you and your group have the safest trip possible.  

All in all, there are plenty of awesome and affordable options when it comes to heading out to the mountains this winter. Keep in mind that things do tend to book up pretty quickly this time of year, so I highly recommend booking as soon as your plans are set to ensure availability. I would also take into consideration the time of year you are booking and be sure to look into each company a bit more before booking. Most companies offer awesome discounts around the holidays so I would definitely be sure to look into that as well. Enjoy your time in this gorgeous winter wonderland and safe travels! 

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