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Employee Housing

Peak 1 Express is pleased to announce that we will be offering employee housing for Peak 1 Express staff on Main Street in Fairplay, CO. 

For more information, please email our HR Manager, Kelly, at [email protected].

Welcome to the Valiton!

Peak 1 Express employees may submit housing applications to stay at the Valiton throughout the current season. This facility will provide a clean, secure, and well-maintained communal environment that promotes a balanced and healthy alpine lifestyle.


Applicants must be 18+ years of age, have confirmed employment with Peak 1 Express and give consent to a background check.

Room Options

Applicants may request a single occupancy room, double occupancy room with two twin beds (double) or double occupancy room with one full bed (couple) during the application process. All rooms are pet free. Applications will be evaluated and honored based on space and availability at the time of move-in.

Priority in room selection is given to returning Peak 1 Express employees who lived in the Valiton during the previous winter season, based upon availability and allocated by the Peak 1 Express HR Team.

Each unit is equipped with two twin beds or one queen/full/twin bed, a private bathroom with shower and/or tub, closet space, and shared & non-guaranteed WiFi. Rooms vary in size and layout. All utilities, electricity, and WiFi are an additional monthly rent charge.

Resident Parking

Residents must register their vehicle (make, model, license plate #) with HR in order to be added to the authorized vehicle parking list. Residents are expected to follow the parking policies outlined within this Handbook. Parking is limited and buses, large trucks, RVs, or any other oversized vehicles for overnight/long term parking are not permitted. Vehicles parked on property not on the authorized vehicle parking list may be subject to fines, booting, or towing by an outside agency.

Lobby & Courtyard

The lobby is the relaxation zone while on break or when residents want to hang out with friends. The courtyard is an outdoor communal space, also available for residents to relax, socialize, or play lawn games. Please be respectful of other residents also enjoying these spaces.

Laundry Facility

Laundry facilities are located on each floor. Please be respectful of the common space and other residents’ belongings. The Valiton is not responsible for lost or stolen items from these machines.

Communal Kitchen Facilities

A communal kitchen will be located on the main floor adjacent to the courtyard. This kitchen will be equipped with ovens/ ranges, sinks, dishwashers, a refrigerator and pantry space. 

The restaurant located in the Valiton is operated by a third party. Peak 1 Express is not involved in this operation and residents are individually responsible for any tabs as a result of dining there.

WiFi Internet

Free shared wireless internet is available throughout the building. Internet service is not guaranteed, and may be slow or even inaccessible during periods of peak use.


Landlord agrees to pay as and when they become due, for all charges for water, sewer, recycling and trash. Tenant agrees to pay for gas, electricity, and internet and authorizes landlord to deduct the amount due from Tenant’s compensation. Tenant agrees to pay as and when they become due, directly to the company or utility providing the same, all charges for telephone or other communication or entertainment subscription service.

For more information, please email our HR Manager, Kelly, at [email protected].