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Employee Housing

A Truly Historic Housing Opportunity


Fairplay, CO

One of the perks for working with Peak 1 Express is the opportunity to live in our newly-renovated employee housing in the historic old Valiton Hotel. Located on Main Street Fairplay, Colorado, at a lofty 9,953 feet, the Valiton is just 35min from Breckenridge, and is exclusively available to our staff. With a diversity of affordable rooming options, beautiful lounge areas, and close proximity to work (and the mountains), what are you waiting for!? 

For more information and current availability, please email our HR Manager, Kelly, at [email protected].

*Eligibility: Must be an employee of Peak 1 Express and at least 18 years old to qualify; consent to a background check, and sorry, no pets or children are allowed at this time. 


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Rooms Rates & Options

Single Room: $26.38/day ($369.29 per 2 week pay period)

Double Room: $23.09/day (per individual) ($323.23 per 2 week pay period)

Couple Room: $32.96/day (per couple) ($461.41 per two week pay period)

The Valiton is a historic building and the rooms and layouts do vary from room to room. Each room is either equipped with one queen/full/twin bed for single occupancy rooms and couples, and two twin beds for double rooms. All rooms have their own private bathroom with a shower or bathtub (bubble bath after work anyone?), closet space, and shared WIFI. 

*Utilities (electricity, WIFI, etc.) & C.A.M. are included with rent, and equate to $46.17 per 2 week pay period (per individual)

For more information, please reach out to our HR Manager at [email protected].