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Traveling with animals isn’t a new craze or luxury trend, for some, traveling with your pet is a well-confirmed way to support positive mental and physical health. Traveling with a pet also might be part of a big move, or just for general companionship. Whatever the reason is, it is generally a good idea while traveling with animals, to be aware of the various pet policies for your transportation carriers, airlines, accommodations, and more.

For example, most transportation companies have strict pet policies with multiple hoops to jump through, adding to what can already be a stressful trip to plan. That’s why at Peak 1 Express, we opt to make traveling with pets easy and straightforward. If you’re looking to travel on one of our shared airport shuttles, your pet must be a registered service animal. If not, no worries, we have private shuttles available so you can enjoy a ride with just you and your pet friends, human friends, or whomever you want to invite; it’s your own private shuttle!

Our policy page states:

Pets are not permitted on shared shuttles other than service animals (papers required). If you would like to bring a non-service animal on board, you will have to book a private shuttle.

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So if you’re looking for the best pet-friendly transportation options to the mountains, Summit County, Vail Valley, and beyond, be sure to book with your friends at Peak 1 Express. If you have any questions about traveling with pets aboard a Peak 1 Express shuttle service, charter, or Black Label hourly service, you can always call us and talk to a real human at (855) 467-3251.

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“woof woof, bow wow, woof-woof woof.”
Translated: “I ruv Peak 1 Express, and peanut butter.”

– A real review from a happy 4-legged customer


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