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Denver International Airport (DIA) is one of the busiest travel airports in the nation. Not only due to Colorado’s own tourism but also because DIA is conveniently located in the middle of the country; which is a huge hub for connecting flights to and from the East and West Coasts of the United States. Hence why it is wise to look at each one of the following factors whilst trying to book an airport shuttle to your dream vacation in the Rocky Mountains during the busy holiday season! 

Being at the Denver Airport 2 hours before your flight takes off is vital for a rest-assured experience during the holiday season. That’s why here at Peak One Express, we take all these factors into consideration so that you will have a stress-free experience to and from the Airport. 

colorado i-70 road conditions

What to Consider when Traveling in Colorado During the Winter

  1. Parking: Can be overflowed and may have to go to the exterior lots so plan on adding that to your airport arrival times before getting to the Denver Airport. More about parking at DIA here.
  2. Weather Conditions: It snows in the winter season months in Colorado which means that the weather can always be a factor from November through February when all the fun holidays are being had. Factors being snow, ice on the roads, being behind snow plows in the I-70 corridor, high winds, and this weather that could cause accident alerts! Check the latest Colorado I-70 conditions here.
  3. Traffic: Occurs in different ways on the I-70 corridor. We take that into account when scheduling our shared and private shuttles to ensure that we get you to our final destination. Accident alerts, weather, and road closures are our top priority! Check the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) website here.
  4. I-70 Corridor: The I-70 Mountain Corridor is a 144-mile route that spans from the Denver metro area on the east to Glenwood Springs on the west. It is the only east-west interstate to cross Colorado and serves many unique communities and recreational areas along the way. This stretch of area is the main gateway to the Summit County/Vail area from and to Denver. This is where the traffic is heaviest and going West Bound before a holiday weekend expects delays! As well when going Eastbound at the end of a holiday will results in always as well so please advise this for your travels! Check the latest conditions here.
  5. Holidays: The most trafficked holidays of the season are going to be your standard, Thanksgiving, Christmas through New Year’s Week, Valentine’s weekend, and Spring Break! Book ahead to ensure you reserve your spot here.
  6. TSA: Security is usually under 30 minutes through this airport but with the holiday season it can reach up to a 1 hour and a half wait time so be weary of your time travel when departing the Airport! Here are some friendly holiday tips from the TSA.

After all, don’t be that scene in the movie Home Alone, you know the one where they are all running down the main terminal in a panic. That all can be avoided with the right planning and the realization that Denver Airport is a great place to be if you are prepared! 

So to revisit our Colorado travel tips: Reserve at least 3 hours of travel time from and to Summit County/Vail from the Denver International Airport, no what direction you are headed, Pack efficiently, prepare TSA security time arrival, and make a reservation for transportation whether it be a shared shuttle, private car, or rental! 

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