Why Catching a Red-Eye Flight into Denver During the Holidays isn’t a Bad Idea

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Flying a red-eye flight can be one of the most opportune times to travel. The rates can be the lowest and you can be traveling with the least amount of guests, as it’s one of the last trips to leave out of the airport, and also one of the first ones to land at the airport.

Here are some important things to remember when booking a red-eye flight to DIA this winter:

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Scheduling an Airport Shuttle

Typically with Peak 1 Express, the last shuttle in the evening (during the peak season) could leave the Denver Airport as late in the evening as 11:45 PM, and as early as 8 AM in the morning (view full schedule here). With enough notice, Peak 1 Express can move you to the next available shuttle if your flight has been delayed for any reason. These earlier shuttles can help everyone out of a jam, from the go-go-go business people to large families trying to keep things simple. Booking an airport shuttle ensures that you spend the majority of your time at your destination for those very important conferences or family bonding time on the mountain, rather than siting in traffic and looking for parking.

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Skiing and Snowboarding

Another major benefit of flying red-eye flights is that it allows you to be on time for your reservations and on the slopes sooner. You might also get to enjoy the mountain longer, by avoiding taxing logistics before heading back home. If you’re traveling light, and are looking for the best gear rentals in Breckenridge, try our friends at Breckenridge Ski & Sport for all your ski and snowboard rental needs; we’ll even make a stop so you can pick up your gear.

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Relax and Recover

Flying red-eyed flights, allows you to recover from the stresses of prepping for flying by giving you more opportunities to get familiarized with the transition from different time zones; let alone just snoozing the entire way. To put it in perspective for those not familiar with the United States: this country is nearly the size of all of Europe and similarly has varying time differences depending on where you’re your layover is and your final destination. This can be exhausting, so the best advice is to ensure that you can get some sleep prior to the flight or take naps throughout your day of travel in one of Peak 1’s luxurious Sprinter vans, Mercedes Sprinter and SUVs for travel to the mountains as drivers take you to your required destination.

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Security Lines

The security lines at airports can be long and last for hours, especially when flying out of Denver where there can be waits of up to two hours to get through security. Typically Denver Airport sees an estimated 2 million passengers traveling through the last two weeks of December and the holiday season. Fun fact, there were an estimated 4,264,817 visitors who traveled through DIA all of December 2021! The majority of these flights are crammed into peak travel times and midday departures. So booking a red-eye flight will help you escape from the overwhelming lines that await you for the midday travel rush at airports across the country. One of the companies offering the highest amount of red-eye flights is Frontier Airlines, with an astonishing nearly fifty-six flights during the holiday season, where one of the twelve major hubs that operate is Denver International Airport.

So to sum things up, we’ve explored the importance of red-eye flights for business people, families, and those looking to enjoy a little holiday fun here in the Rockies, how to avoid jet lag while bouncing through timezones, and what to expect with security lines departing at Denver Airport. If you’re ready to start booking your trip, let the experts at Peak 1 Express set you up with a shuttle to your favorite resort destinations in Vail, Breckenridge, and throughout Colorado, by calling 1-855-GO-PEAK-1.


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