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Traveling to Colorado for a winter vacation is a trip all visitors are sure to remember forever. Spending time in the wonderful Rocky Mountains during the cold months looks and feels like you walked right into a Hallmark movie. From the gorgeous views of the mountains, to the picturesque towns, it truly is a magical place during the winter months.  

With that being said, traveling to Colorado during the winter can get a little pricey, especially if you want to travel over the holidays. Don’t worry though, there are tons of ways you can save big bucks on your winter trip to Colorado this year. I’ve put together a little list of some awesome money-saving ideas to take into consideration while planning your vacation.  

Save Money By Avoiding the Holidays 

Like I said previously, it is usually more expensive and crowded to travel during the holidays. If you’re wanting to avoid crowds and save money I’d highly recommend going in between the bigger holidays of the season. I’d also recommend traveling during the weekdays if you plan on flying, most airlines have cheaper prices on these days than they do on weekends.  

people walking through snow in Colorado

Get Deals For Your Winter Trip to Colorado By Booking Early 

Another thing to consider while planning your trip is that most companies’ prices are cheaper the sooner in advance you book. The closer you book to the time of your vacation the more expensive it will be. Plus, if you wait to book until the last minute you also run the risk of not getting the bookings you’d prefer due to availability.  

Peak 1 Express van in the Rocky Mountain snow

Take an Affordable Shuttle 

One of my other favorite ways to save money as a non-experienced driver in Colorado is by booking a mountain shuttle. This means you don’t have to worry about the dangers that come with driving in the Rocky Mountains. Airport shuttles are also a lot cheaper than renting a vehicle. Plus, most ski resort towns are walkable and if not, most have some form of transportation to help you get from place to place. If you do decide to book a shuttle to and from the Denver International Airport, I’d highly recommend giving Peak 1 Express a try. Not only is Peak 1 Express the top shuttle company in the area but, if you’re looking to save even more money, this company offers transportation discounts when you book ski and snowboard rentals through their sister company, Breckenridge Ski & Sport. 

woman throwing a snowball while snowboarding

Book Your Ski and Snowboard Rentals with a Local Colorado Company 

Speaking of hitting the slopes this winter, if you’re interested in doing so, I highly recommend checking out Breckenridge Ski & Sport for all your rental needs. Not only are the prices super affordable, but this company also offers even cheaper rates for multi-day rentals and online bookings (30% off!). If you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, you’re in for a surprise! Breckenridge Ski & Sport also offers free transportation to and from the slopes. All in all, this company is sure to save you tons of money on your trip.  

It’s safe to say traveling to Colorado can get pricey if you’re not careful. I hope that with these little tips and trips you can maximize the savings you’ll have this winter. Happy traveling!  


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