aspens in fall colorado

Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Visit Colorado

When thinking of Colorado, many envision snowy ski slopes or summer hikes in the Rockies; however, those who have visited Colorado during the fall know that it’s arguably the best season to experience the state’s beauty and charm. Mild temperatures, changing foliage, and the vast availability of open trails and activities to participate in make...
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Colorado in summer

Is Denver in the Rocky Mountains? A First Timer’s Guide

Welcome to Denver, CO, the Gateway to the Rocky Mountains! These impressive mountains are the highest section of the chain that begins in northern British Columbia, Canada, reaching down into the United States of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and southern New Mexico. Colorado is home to 78 of the 100 highest peaks, as...
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plane flying into distant mountains

How to Navigate the Denver Airport July 4th Weekend

The mountains are beautiful and have so many exciting summer activities and events; it is no wonder Colorado and Denver International Airport receive so many visitors over the 4th of July.  Denver International Airport (DEN), located 23 miles from Downtown Denver, is the second largest airport in the world by size and was built with...
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