5 Benefits of Booking a Mountain Shuttle During Holiday Season

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This holiday season, treat yourself to stress-free transportation from Denver Airport to your mountain destination. Whether you’re traveling individually, or with a large group, booking a shared shuttle is the safest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to start your slopeside vacation. Peak 1 Express boasts a top-of-the-line fleet, drivers, and amenities that will make what could otherwise be a frustrating road trip an opportunity to relax before and after your resort check-in. 

1.Professional Drivers 

Traveling in the mountains isn’t for the faint of heart, especially throughout the holiday season when I-70 experiences unpredictable traffic delays and variable weather conditions as you get to higher elevations. At Peak 1 Express, our team of drivers are carefully selected and trained to be confident traveling between Denver International Airport and Colorado’s mountain destinations, so you and your family can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.  

Family riding shuttle while using their devices

2. On-board WIFI 

While many ski resorts are less than a hundred miles from Denver Airport, the trip can be slow going as you gain over 5800 feet in elevation in peak-season traffic. Save your families’ cellphone data by taking advantage of on-board wifi; rather than shuffling radio stations with variable signals in the mountains you’ll be able to spend road-time catching up on emails, social media, or just updating your downloaded Spotify playlists for the upcoming ski trip.  

3. Winter Weather Preparedness 

Driving in Colorado in the winter months is more than just stressful, it can get downright expensive! Some of the basic requirements during winter storms can include snow tires, all-wheel drive, or chains to prevent loss of traction, and you don’t want to settle for anything less. Rental vehicles with the appropriate outfitting can be difficult to find. Beware of taxi and rideshare services that may be better equipped for the metro area, rather than mountain destinations (I’m looking at you, Uber and Lyft!). Our mountain-based fleet should leave you confident that your family will be traveling well-prepared regardless of what mother nature brings. 

Three people standing in front of a shuttle with ski gear

4. Gear Storage 

Don’t get stuck paying slopeside rental prices just because you didn’t have space for your sports equipment to travel with you. Peak 1 Express allows for up to three pieces of luggage per traveler, so the whole family can bring their skis and snowboards on the holiday vacation. If your airline isn’t quite as flexible you can still take advantage of gear storage on our shuttles, and avoid ski-in pricing when you bundle your (discounted!) rental equipment with Breckenridge Ski and Sport

5. Parking Considerations 

Once you make it to your mountain destination you may find that as a captive audience bringing a personal vehicle only creates additional expenses, and may leave you some distance from your holiday residence. Your mountain shuttle from Denver Airport will have the option to drop your family off curbside, and beyond saving on the daily parking expenses, you won’t have to consider how hourly parking restrictions might impact your end-of-day après.  

Peak 1 vans during sunset with mountains in the background

If you’re still looking for the answer as to why a mountain shuttle is your stress-free solution to holiday travel in the mountains we have online resources to help plan your trip, and our local, knowledgeable staff is available daily by phone to help build your perfect itinerary for safe, easy transportation.