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If you have ever wanted to travel to the rocky mountains for spring break you may notice that there are a lot of costs that can add up and make your spring break quite pricey. Colorado has blown up as a spring break destination and will definitely give you a vacation that is one of a kind and unforgettable. These tips will help you travel to Colorado and have an incredible time and stick to a smaller budget. 

Tip 1: Booking Flights

Book on a Tuesday: If you are looking for flights to Colorado be sure that you book you are looking at flights on Tuesdays. Airlines actually will provide their lowest prices on Tuesdays, so it is the ideal time to book a Flight to Colorado for your spring break trip.

Book at least 90 days out: It is a great rule of thumb that booking early saves money. For spring break the recommended booking window is between 45 – 120 days.

Don’t be fooled by cheap red eyes: Yes we think you should look for the cheapest flight, but a common mistake people make is booking that red eye flight and then they end up needing a hotel or private transportation to get to the mountains. Shuttles will take you to and from the airport typically between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, so if you land at midnight you may spend more on a hotel than you would an earlier flight. 

Tip 2: Travel as a Group

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You can save money on lodging and transportation if you travel with a group. You will get to split the cost between more people and you can get group discounts on your transportation. It may be hard to get a large group of people to commit to a spring break in the Rockies, but if you plan ahead, send them a couple Instagram inspirations you will be the hero of making a Colorado spring break a reality for all your friend. Think of the memories you will make! 

Tip 3 : Avoid Rental Cars

The most important thing that you need to remember is rentals cars have hidden fees and you will need additional add on’s once you arrive to the facility. Colorado roads in the spring are typically snow covered, icy and not safe in a typical vehicle (especially getting from the airport to the mountain towns).  We will break down a few fees you make not have considered.

  • Gas
  • Parking
  • Upgrade to vehicle with snow tires
  • Ski Rack
  • Snow Chains
  • Under 25 fees
  • Extra insurance for those mountain roads

We don’t want to harp, but if you do not have experience driving in the snow on mountain roads, then let the professionals handle that stress and you sit back with your friends and enjoy! Learn more about rental cars for your Colorado vacation. 

Tip 4: Take a Shuttle Service

You  may be thinking if you don’t rent a car, then what do you do? There is an entire market based on transporting people from Denver to the Rocky Mountains safely and efficiently. The bustang or the Snowstang is one of the cheapest ways to travel from Denver to the Rockies but its not very luxurious after all it is just a bus.

Another great way to travel it take a shuttle from from any Mountain Carrier. Just like airplanes, the earlier you book your shuttle the cheaper it will be. Also, you can get group deals or even a private shuttle if you have enough people to split the cost. 

Tip 5: Travel Packages and Discounts

One of the best ways to book a vacation is through a package deal. It will make your travel planning much simpler and take some of the stress off of you. All the elements of your vacation will already have been planned out based off of a functional Itinerary that works. Many packages will include flights and hotels and many packages in the Rockies also include lift tickets and or ski rentals. 

Try to avoid buying things at full price. Weather it is your rentals, lift tickets, or even dinner, look for deals to save money! This is one of our favorite discount websites. 

Tip 6: Take Advantage of the Mountain Town Perks

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Image courtesy of GoBreck- taken by Austyn Dineen

Free bus: Once you arrive to where you will be staying most of the mountain towns actually have a free bus system that will help you navigate around the town and even between mountain towns as well. They are easy to use and all of the drivers are kind and very helpful if you are not familiar with the town. Free bus in Beaver Creek!

Amazing Happy Hours: Don’t pay full price, especially mountain prices, for those drinks and appetizers. Don’t miss these Vail happy hours!

Free Activities: You are in the national forest and you are free to explore as your please. Instead of skiing once day. Grab some cheaper snow shoes and go on hikes. Take advantage of all the free events that the different towns put on. They are always a blast and most of the time free. Check out this list of free events in Breckenridge!

Colorado will make for a memorable spring break that is unlike any other vacation you have ever had before. If you are looking to have the next best adventure the Rocky Mountains are the place to be. I hope this guide will make your vacation to colorado the cheapest and most exciting Spring break vacation that will be one for the books.

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