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Celebrate Nature’s Wonders This Winter

The view from Janet’s Cabin outside of Copper Mountain is truly inspiring. I am rejuvenated every time I gaze beyond the snow-covered trees toward the Ten Mile Mountain Range. It is a natural wonder that begins in Frisco and runs along and towers above Breckenridge Ski Area.

Our Watershed

The natural water wonders in this area are equally as impressive as the Continental Divide meanders through this critical watershed whose snows eventually melt and flow to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Locally, the Blue River Watershed encompasses approximately 680 square miles, covering all of Summit County and parts of neighboring Lake and Grand Counties. The main rivers in our watershed include the Blue River, Snake River, and Ten Mile Creek. This incredible natural resource not only provides recreation opportunities and drinking water to the residents of Summit County, but it also supplements the drinking water supply of much of the front range. For example, the 23-mile Roberts Tunnel transports water from Dillon Reservoir to the North Fork of the South Platte River in Park County. The South Platte River then carries that water to Denver.

Our watershed is also part of the Colorado River Basin, which many communities rely on for their drinking water hundreds of miles downstream from Summit County. Protecting this critical watershed has a much bigger impact than what we see each day.

– “Erika Donaghy” Blue River Watershed Group

Photo Courtesy of Tom Koehler

Our Forests

Our forests are the largest provider of municipal drinking water in the US serving close to 60 million people in 33 states. “USFS website”

We can all become involved starting with stewardship projects and initiatives beyond the trail. Wildfire prevention is one area we can all participate in as a destructive wildfire would scar our land and water. The soil would not be able to filter pollutants and would significantly increase the cost of our most valuable resource.

Photo Courtesy of Suzie and Dave Ver Shure (Summit County dedicated locals)

“This is why we care…about our water, our forests, our sustainability as a species and a planet. We live, work and play in this incredible environment and we would like to see that it thrives and survives for future generations to enjoy as we have and do.”

Your White River National Forest is home to magnificent wildlife wonders

Photo Courtesy of Elissa Slezak

Wildlife is so treasured here that Summit County Safe Passages was created to ensure that these beautiful and valuable creatures can cross the highway without harm.

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Cute plump lil Ptarmigan in winter coat. They can fly but rarely do so. Revered in these parts, the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness abounds with these beautiful creatures.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Koehler

Take the inspiration that this evokes within and act to preserve it.

The CORE Act is one way to do so as it has brought together many stakeholders and groups in a collaborative way to manage our public land for water, wildlife and recreation. Contact your representatives to learn more and to share your desire to have this ACT passed.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Koehler

Gazing at Jacques Peak and beyond from Copper Mountain after riding Storm King lift stokes my spirit.

This is truly a very special area as many thousands of acres of public land host recreation in the form of downhill skiing and snowboarding, backcountry pursuits and even fishing in the winter.

That is in addition to the massive number of hikers, anglers and hunters in the summer which takes a toll on your land and water and why my business and land and water leader partners welcome you to participate in its health and care.

“Here at Wildernest Property Management we value our communities and the open space around them. We are proud to support Summit County Climate change goals and continue to improve our communities and the people within, through going green initiatives and staying local. Wilderness encourages volunteering on trail maintenance days and the promotion of keeping our parks, open space and trails in great condition. We are proud of where we live, work and play and enjoy being part of everything that Sustainable Hiker and Skier represent”

Photo Courtesy of Wild-land Restoration Volunteer Staff

Join today and help us to repair the trails, stream-banks vegetation all for wildlife, our health and our economy.

Nature’s Green Screen Excerpt

Encourage the companies you are invested in to act consistently with your action on forest and river health locally. Let the companies you frequent or invest in know they can be a part of the solutions in nature.

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