Rental Car vs Denver Airport Shuttle for your Colorado Vacation

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Often our first question we have when we arrive to a new location is, how am I getting anywhere? Should I rent car? How far is my destination? Are there shuttles or ubers? We have broken down all of these options for you, and we are here to tell you that in Colorado some of these options are more reliable than others.

Colorado Transportation Options

(1) Uber

Uber could be a great choice for getting all around Denver. However, if you venture into the mountains, Ubers and Lyfts can be hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find an Uber into the mountains, we can assure you that it will be risky to rely on a ride from Uber back down to Denver.

(2) Rental cars

Rental cars in the Denver areas go for around $350 a week, but these prices definately fluctuate depending on the season. If you are coming in the winter, you may be paying double that and will need an all-wheel drive car. Rental cars can be a great option because of the freedom of travel that comes with it. Colorado has a plethora of unbelievable places to see, so freedom to drive is not a bad idea.

(3) Shuttles

Shuttles are also an option for those who do not have the ability or don’t want to drive themselves. When venturing into the mountains you will have to drive steep, and sometime scary mountain roads. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then a shuttle is a great option. Additionally, all of the mountain towns have great public transportation, so you won’t be stranded once you arrive. Lastly, one way door-to-door shuttles can go for as low as $39, so at that price point, you can pt money back in your wallet.

Which one right for you?

Mountain Shuttles

  • Stress free: Don’t worry about driving on those steep mountain roads to and from the airport
  • Cost Effective: Spend less on gas and rental car fees
  • Enjoy the Views: Don’t stare at your GPS but feel free to gaze at Colorado’s mountains
  • No lines: Once you finally arrive in Denver, don’t take a shuttle to stand in line but instead get picked up curbside
  • Under 25: Don’t pay an additional rental car fee because of your age
  • Shuttle Drivers: Chat up a local (driver) to get information about the area you are visiting
  • Don’t get lost: We’ve all spent time roaming around a new place when we arrive and let’s be honest- it’s no fun
  • Free buses: Use free buses in each mountain town or try zip car for daily or multiple day trips

Rental Cars

  • Explore: More options to explore off the beaten path when you have a rental car
  • Stops: Once you get your rental car, you are free to stop anywhere you would like along the way
  • Day trips: Travel a little farther from where you are staying with a rental car
  • Time: Be on your own time. Don’t wait for other passengers to get dropped off

What is right for depends on what you would like to do in Colorado once you are here. For those that would rather drive a trail than hike. There are plenty of off-road adventures Colorado offers that AWD and 4WD vehicles can explore on, that you can enjoy with the freedom of your own vehicle. If you want to run to get groceries and do not want to take public transportation rental cars can be nice as well. People that do not enjoy being on a set schedule could enjoy this option. The freedom of a rental car can be nice although compared to a shuttle service, more opportunities for stress can arrive.

Renting a car can be great but there are a number of troubles that can come with it. Navigating a new area can be difficult, sometimes the GPS you use is not always correct or completely accurate. Traffic is a problem on the highway interstate 70 as it is one of the only highways traveling entirely across the state, from the Denver area to the mountains. On top of the rental fee you will have to pay, you will also have to pay for gas. Lastly, if you get into an accident there is not another driver to take the fault for you. Maybe a rental car is a great option if you are the more adventurous type.

A shuttle could be the right fit for you if you are heading to the mountains to enjoy the town, and want to remove as much hassle from your trip as possible. If you don’t mind spending a little more, look into private transportation from the airport, so you can be on your time and make a grocery stop on your way to the mountains to get your vacation started off right!