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Vail Ski Resort

Vail Mountain resorts in world renowned ski resort right in the middle of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  Every year, thousands of people flock to the resort to enjoy the first-class powder and pristine views.  Vail resort spans over 3000 acres of the high country, with vast rolling hills and wide open slopes for the typical skier.  The more advanced will love the winding back country and bowls the area has to offer.  No matter the type of skier you are, Vail has something to appeal to everyone.

Riva Ridge is one of the original and favorite runs at Vail.  It still holds the record for the longest run, racking up over 4 miles.  The trail got its name after the decisive battle fought in the Italian Apennines during World War II.  The run is mostly blue and black, with a few trick areas that give you a steep downhill every now and then.  Riva Ridge is some of the best groomed 4 miles of run and around and definitely worth hitting at your stay at Vail.

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, check out the numerous bowls.  It may take a little work and a few lifts to get to these hidden gems, but the runs you’re able to hit are entirely worth it.  Tea Cup Bowl can be found right off of Lift 36, and though it is a smaller bowl, it contains some incredible cliff drops and breath taking steep shots.  When most people break for lunch, the bowls empty out and become a paradise for those looking to shred some powder.

Vail also boasts an impressive 3 terrain parks, each for different skill levels.  Pride and Bawana are more the more introductory of the three, which have some fun natural snow features as well as man-made extravaganzas.  These parks are great for beginners because they let people forgo the jumps, bumps, and rails they’re not quite prepared for.  Golden Peak is the main terrain park and has some features right out of your dreams (or nightmares, depending on the type of skier you are).  Rainbow rail, jibs, boxes, 9 different jumps ranging from 9 feet to 50 feet, and 2 practice half pipes starting at 13 and 22 feet, just to name a few. All those features let you warm up your skills before you hit the famous Superpipe.

If this all sounds a little over whelming for you, the resort holds tons of famous competitions that are once in a lifetime to check out while on vacation.  This year, the Burton U.S. Open will be holding it’s 26th annual games at Vail. Watch women and men compete on the slopeside and halfpipe competitions and pick your jaw up off the snowy floor afterward. There’s also free music, activities, and an after party to enjoy between heats.

Of course there is more to Vail than just the skiing that draw people here.  World famous cuisine, year-round festivals and high end hotels in the heart of the ski base make for an all-around perfect vacation.   If you’re worried about the drive to your destination in the snow, let Peak 1 Express take all that worry away. 

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