Scenic Drives Near Breckenridge

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It may not be exactly what Breckenridge is known for, but scenic drives are in abundance near this beautiful mountain town. As a local to Breckenridge, I have driven and explored most of the beautiful drives near the area. In my search I found some of the most beautiful views you could ever imagine. You truly feel like you are a part of a postcard or even a beautiful painting. The scenes are incredible, colors are breathtaking and the altitude is intense.

Just past Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) on US-6 is Loveland Pass. This was my first mountain pass I discovered in my search for snow. I found myself going from no snow down in Keystone to 1-2 inches of snow at the top of Loveland Pass near the Continental Divide. Put the car in park and take some time to hike up to the divide. You are surrounded by mountains and beauty.

Swan Mountain Road is another beautiful trip, and also has some great hiking options. It has great views, as well as some amazing camping spots. There is also some great rock climbing up a short hike through one of the campgrounds. The curves are smooth and the pass is pretty low. There is a great hike around Sapphire Point that even non experienced hikers can master. This pass offers a great water hole as you go from one side to the other. Be aware this is a very popular biking route as well. Take caution as bikers use the route regularly but there are plenty of signs reminding you.

Speaking of the Dillon Valley area, the most fun I have had on a drive is Dillon Dam Road. This road gives you a view of the lake as well as the valley below the dam. Dillon Valley looks beautiful in the daytime as well as at night. You truly know your size when driving over something so big and open.

Lastly my very favorite drive is over Hoosier Pass. From Breckenridge, head through Blue River and up and towards Alma, CO. This pass is also part of the Continental Divide and in offers some of the best views in town. You get a great view of The Valley of the Sun. which is easily seen if you stop at the top of Hoosier Pass and look down towards Alma. The way back towards Breck is just as breathtaking, with an full, distant view of the 10 mile range from the south side.

You don’t need a rental car to experience these incredible drives! Hitch a ride with Peak 1 Express up to Breckenridge, then take advantage of the available Zipcars in town to avoid costly rental cars and fees.