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winterdrivingEveryone who flies into Denver International Airport and plans to head up into the mountains has to make the decision of what type of transportation to use. There are quite a few choices between shuttle companies, buses and, of course, car rentals. If you choose the latter here are a few tips for what to look for when renting a car in Colorado.

Where To Rent

With car rentals it’s always best to stick with major well known companies. Although that discounted car company may offer a cheaper price, you will most likely receive a car in better condition and one that is more capable of handling driving in the mountains from a better known company. Also if there is an issue with the car that you have rented, it is nice to know there is another location for a replacement nearby instead of the only one being all the way back in Denver when you are already 3¬†hours away.

Type of Vehicle to Rentjeep-833206_1280

You’re probably wondering what type of car to get as well. AVOID subcompacts. These small cars might save you a bit on gas but the small engines just do not have enough power to get you up the steep hills and maintain speed up the hills of Colorado highways. Always keep a few gallons of water on hand just in case the engine does overheat. This will work in a pinch to get the car to the nearest repair shop. If your car does overheat DO NOT open the radiator cap right away or you will get hit with a blast of steam that can cause severe burns.

In Case of Emergency

Once you get up that hill you will eventually have to go down the other side. Make sure you check out the brakes and tire pressure on that rental before you rent it. If it is permitted by the owner’s manual use a lower gear when descending a hill. Engine braking will help reduce the stress on the brakes. The last thing you want is your brakes to go out when you still have a couple miles left on your way down. Most brake problems tend to happen to large trucks using air brakes, but you still want to be safe in that smaller passenger vehicle as well. If your brakes do fail it is important to know what to do. Check the owners manual for instructions before heading out. For most cars you will want to keep it running to keep the power steering working, shift into a lower gear, and either apply firm pressure or pump the brakes to slow the vehicle. In case of complete brake failure the last option is to use the “runaway truck ramp”. These sandy lanes go uphill and allow out of control vehicles to stop safely in a pile of sand. Colorado provides many of these on its mountain highways.


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