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Maybe you and your family or group is looking to go skiing and snowboarding and maybe you are not too concerned with anything other than which Colorado ski resort is easiest to get to? Well, there are a couple of answers to this question and soon you’ll be informed of which ski resorts offer the easiest access.

Copper Mountain Resort

The absolute easiest ski resort to get to in Colorado would have to be Copper Mountain Resort (even though Breckenridge isn’t too far away). This is for many reasons.

  • Copper Mountain is located just off Interstate 70. From Denver it’s a super quick trip spanning just 102 miles and it could take as little as 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • Being just off of Interstate 70, the majority of the time spent in the car to reach Copper Mountain Resort is primarily highway time so, you will be able to avoid most stop lights and issues that may cause your trip time to increase, such as stop and go traffic.
  • Peak 1 Express provides door-to-door service directly to Copper Mountain Resort.  So even if you do not want to drive yourself to Copper Mountain, we have gone and made is so much easier for you so that you and your party can simply sit back, relax and not worry about having to drive.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Other Colorado Resorts that are Easy to Access

There are other Colorado ski resorts that are closer to Denver and ones that many people consider to be easier to get to, but this is not necessarily the case.

Winter Park Resort

Although, closer to Denver, Winter Park is quite a ways off of the beaten path, meaning you have to traverse windy highways and other mountainous conditions. There is also only one shuttle company offering service to this destination, so your options are more limited when compared to other resorts.

Loveland Ski Resort

Located at the borders of Summit and Clear Creek Counties, Loveland Ski Resort is closer to Denver but, as there are not any lodging facilities, there also is not any airport shuttle service to this resort.

Hitch a ride to Summit County or Vail Valley with Peak 1 Express, then take advantage of the free transportation options throughout the Rocky Mountains instead of worrying about a rental car.