3 Limo Alternatives for Your Colorado Wedding

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Are you having your dream wedding in the great state of Colorado? If so, you may be in the process of ironing out the multitude of details that go along with planning such an important and life changing event. One topic that may have been top of mind is the question of how to transport your guests. Mountain weddings often feature incredible scenery and gorgeous venues but, they usually require various types of ground transportation to make the wedding run smoothly and efficiently. Most people would weddddinnnnngautomatically think a limo is the only option for transportation. Limos can be very expensive and may not provide the exact type of service you are looking for. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to transport guests that do not include overpriced limousine companies. Read on for 3 limo alternatives for your Colorado wedding.

Party Bus Charter

With limousine services being so expensive, it would be very difficult to transport large groups of people in just one vehicle and often times, multiple vehicles are needed. Unfortunately, this splits up the group and can ruin to comradery of a wedding event. A party bus is a great option for a few reasons. The first is the fact that your whole group can be together in one vehicle and enjoy each other for the entirety of the transportation process. Another advantage with a party bus is the added space for your guests. Party buses are generally very spacious and offer a bar, TV, and sound system. This create lots of room and entertainment for your guest to have a party on the way to the party during your big day in Breckenridge!

Specialty Car Rentals

Another option to avoid limo services would be renting vehicles and having your guests drive them themselves. There are many higher end car rental agencies that can offer gorgeous vehicles that will allow your guests to ride to the wedding in style. Rent a high end sports car for the bride and groom to really show how special they are on their wedding day. There are also options to rent multi-passenger vans that can be driven by your guests. If choosing this option, make sure you always choose a designated sober driver to keep everyone safe.

Breckenridge WeddingPeak 1 Express Car Service

By far the best option for a limo alternative is Peak 1 Express black label car service. With rates that are sure to beat limo services, Peak 1 Express offers beautiful 14 passenger Mercedes Sprinters that will have your guest riding in style! With such a large passenger capacity, Peak 1 shuttle vans are a great option as they will help cut down on costs and still offer a safe ride to and from the festivities. Charter our vehicles to and from the airport and than use them on an hourly rate to transport your guests anywhere they need to go on your special day.

For more information on Peak 1 Express Black Label car services, contact any of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at 855-Go-Peak1.