Colorado Spring Break Safety Tips

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Skiing, snowboarding, partying, dancing! Spring break is definitely one of the most anticipated weeks of the year, and in Colorado, it’s so much more fun than anywhere else! Below are some Colorado spring break safety tips that will help keep you healthy, safe, happy and filled with excitement!

Central Lodging

Whether staying on the mountain in a condo or in town at a bed and breakfast, it is best to book your lodging in a central location. There are very few cab services and Breckenridge Torchlight Parade (LE)mostly public bus systems here in Summit County, so getting around could sometimes prove to be rather challenging. By staying close to the amenities and activities, you and your group prefer, you’ll eliminate this headache from your vacation. There are free bus services for the county and the town of Breckenridge, CO. The Summit Stage and Breck Free Ride will get you where you need to go but, even with two pickup times per hour, it may not accommodate your needs. Consider Peak 1 Express private charter services and hourly car service for your group’s specific transportation needs!

Ride Within Your Ability

Spring break is one time of year that the resorts see an increased number of injuries. These could be due to hittin’ that rail in the park and catching an edge, being cut off on the trail and going down hard or crashing into other people or even trees! To keep your body safe and prevent injury, we recommend wearing a helmet to protect your head, and wrist guards to keep from breaking those fragile joints (which is the most common injury for snowboarders). Although, these precautions are not guaranteed to keep you safe, they definitely do decrease the possibility of calamity.

Dining-in-BreckenridgeParty in Moderation

We all know alcohol, partying, and spring break are synonymous but, up in the mountains of Colorado there are a few things to know that will keep that morning grogginess, and trouble, away. For example, did you know that just one (1) drink equates to three (3) drinks at increased elevation?! This means that you low elevation residents and even Denverites will feel the affects from even just a couple of alcoholic beverages. So please use caution and discretion in consuming vast amounts of alcohol, especially when on the mountain. Increased levels of alcohol in your system on the mountain impairs not only your judgment, but also your reaction time when faced with adverse conditions and/or obstacles.

Hopefully, you will use these tips to keep you, your family, friends and even those around you safe and allow for full enjoyment of your Colorado Spring Break!