How to Have a Perfect Colorado Ski Vacation

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Whether you’re coming to Colorado for the first time or returning to your favorite winter destination, there are certain things you should know about how to have a perfect Colorado Ski Vacation.

Physical Fitness

Skiing and snowboarding are extremely physically demanding activities that require a high amount of endurance. Avid riders typically refer to their early season runs as “getting their legs underneath them”. 733817_10100836891908816_1487847041_nThis is because it typically takes a few weeks for ones’ legs to be able to last a full day on the mountain. For those that are on vacation, taking the time to get your legs under you again may not be an option. We recommend activities such as jogging, swimming, stretching and other endurance training techniques which are great ways to get your legs, and your body into shape!


Seeing how most people who visit “Colorado’s playground” are from a much lower elevation, altitude sickness can be a common issue. The dry atmosphere tends to literally suck the moisture right out of your body. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do before and during your vacation in Colorado. Typically, the recommended intake of fluids is between 11 and 15 cups or more per day. Keeping hydrated is the most commonly known and effective method for preventing altitude sickness.

Spacious Mercedes SprinterSunshine, Sunshine and more Sunshine!

The elevation for the ski resorts of Colorado ranges anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 feet. What most people don’t realize is that for every 1000 feet gained in elevation, the sun increases 6% in intensity. So, for someone coming from sea level, the sun will have increased from 42% to a whopping 60% in intensity! With Colorado seeing roughly 300 days of sunshine each year, it is incredibly important to protect one’s skin with either clothing or sunscreen, especially while enjoying the slopes. By doing this, the face, neck and ears will be spared from the Colorado sun burn.

Less Headaches

As always, we here at Peak 1 Express are determined to do all that we can to ensure your Breckenridge, Colorado vacation is a most memorable one! Let us provide your transportation  from the Denver Airport to your ski destination and back. We guarantee you and your party will arrive safely in style, comfort, and without the hassle of driving through the mountains in winter weather.