Getting to Breckenridge

Flying to Breckenridge

How to Get to Breckenridge from the Denver Airport

With Breckenridge located just two hours into the Rockies, the Denver Airport is the most popular airport to fly into when heading to this mountain town. With over 58 million passengers flying to or passing through the Denver Airport annually, it is one of the busiest airports in the world. You can’t fly directly into Breckenridge, but there are a number of options for getting from Denver Airport to Breckenridge, including Breckenridge airport shuttle, taxi services, Bustang, car rentals and more. The trip from Denver Airport to Breckenridge takes you west on I-70 through downtown Denver, into the foothills and up from 5,280 feet in elevation to 9,600 feet. 

How to Get to Breckenridge from the Colorado Springs Airport

About two and a half hours southeast of Breckenridge is the city of Colorado Springs, which also is home to the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.  Being the second busiest commercial service airport in the state, there are 19 nonstop destinations across the nation that Colorado Springs Airport services, as well as 5 airlines that fly in and out of the airport each day.  Since you can’t fly directly to Breckenridge, this is another great airport to have as your destination. To get from the Colorado Springs Airport to Breckenridge, you will take US-24 W, bringing you into Breckenridge through the towns of Alma and Fairplay. Peak 1 Express does not operate shared shuttles between Breckenridge and the Colorado Springs Airport, however, you can book your private shuttle from Colorado Springs Airport to Breckenridge with Peak 1 Express.

How to Get to Breckenridge from the Eagle County Regional Airport

Located in the Vail Valley is the Eagle County Regional Airport, where United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta fly into Eagle daily.  With only just over an hour drive east to Breckenridge from the airport, this is a great option to cut your drive time down.  Though these are significant pros toward flying into Eagle Airport, there are a few downfalls.  Due to inclement weather, flights often get delayed or cancelled during the winter season.  Another con is that even though the airport is closest in proximity to Summit County, there are much fewer transportation options between the airport and Breckenridge. To get from Eagle County Airport to Breckenridge, you will take I-70 E, passing Beaver Creek, Vail and Copper before coming to Frisco, where you’ll exit and head south through town to Breckenridge. 

Breckenridge Airport Shuttles

With plenty of transportation services to and from the airport to a multitude of locations in Colorado, airport shuttles are arguably the most popular way to get from the airport to your destination.  Here’s why:

  1. Shared shuttles are the easiest and most affordable option to travel from point A to point B.
  2. Though you’re sharing the space with others, shared shuttles are fast and efficient without breaking the bank.
  3. You can schedule you shuttle in advance, leaving you with the comfort of knowing your ride will be there once you land at the airport.

Peak 1 Express offers comfortable accommodations for those choosing to travel with us on our shared shuttles.  Our Mercedes Sprinter vans are all less than a few years old and are equipped with bucket seats and free WiFi on board.  Peak 1 Express also takes the stress of traveling through the winter conditions in the mountains off of your shoulders.  Our experienced drivers are masters at facing the elements, and you’ll be on the slopes in no time.

Rental Cars

Though versatility is a huge draw toward renting a car while traveling, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains may say otherwise.  The first issue travelers come across is the fact that the roads through the mountains can get treacherous during the winter here, and not every car or driver is prepared to take on the snowy conditions.  Another downside of renting a car is the ongoing parking issues in nearly every ski town in Colorado.  However, if this is your preferred method of travel once you arrive in Colorado, you have plenty of options of where you can rent a car.

Denver Airport houses 12 different car rental services, allowing you to hop off your plane, find your ride, and be on your way.  In the winter, shuttling up to Breckenridge and renting a car in town may be your better option.  If you’re planning on partaking in outdoor activities all around Summit County, a rental car will be your best bet for getting around quickly and efficiently.  Renting a car also gives you the leisure of coming and going as you please.  This way you can drive over to Keystone to hit the slopes in the morning, then head west to Vail for an afternoon adventure or dinner and not have to wait around for public transportation.

Traveling to Breckenridge via Car

A road trip with your friends or family may sound like the easiest means of travel, especially when heading cross country.  It gives you the freedom of leaving when you want, going where you want, and taking your time getting there.  There are plenty of routes to get up to Breckenridge once you get in to Colorado, and your best option will change based on the season and if you’re traveling on a weekend or holiday.


Interstate 70

This is the go-to path when driving to Breckenridge, but should be reconsidered when traveling on the weekends or during a holiday.  An abundance of front rangers as well as visitors from out of state use I-70 as their main route, leaving traffic to get incredibly congested during peak times.  On the other hand, I-70 should be your preferred path during the winter months.  The interstate often closes due to weather conditions, but it’s also the safest route up to the mountains during the snowy season.

Highway 285

This alternative route is only two-lane in a majority of stretches as you get further west, but is incredibly scenic and a breath of fresh air away from front range and I-70 traffic.  Taking 285 only ads about 45 minutes to your drive, but may be a better option on a weekend or holiday.


Getting Around Breckenridge

Taxis and Uber

Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are without a doubt the newest preferred transportation method for a quick lift through town.  Download the application on your phone, order a car with a few taps of your thumb, and moments later the vehicle will show up where you are and take you where you want to go.  Uber and Lyft are affordable and efficient, and more drivers are popping up around Breckenridge every weekend.  Though Uber seems like a great go-to, that’s not always the case.  Uber and taxi availability is never guaranteed, and often prices surge so much during high demand times that you can end up spending triple what you should on transportation.


Jake’s Mountain Shuttle and 453-Taxi are some of the few taxi services offered in the Breckenridge area.  Jake’s Mountain Shuttle assures that all of their vehicles are equipped with studded snow tires for optimum snow travel.  453-Taxi provides 24/7 service and has the option to book your taxi online if you’re hanging out in a loud environment.  While there are options for taxi service in Breckenridge, they are very limited and nearly never the most effective or affordable.

Rental Cars

Summit County has a few car rental agencies so you can have your own vehicle for adventures while visiting.  In the town of Breckenridge is Breckenridge Rental Car and Mountain High Rentals, Frisco has a Hertz in the heart of town, and Silverthorne has an Enterprise.  The one thing you have to prepare for is a price increase during the winter and summer seasons.  None of these rental companies have huge inventory, so planning ahead is key if you want to rent a car in Summit County.


Zipcar was introduced to Breckenridge just over a year ago.  For those who aren’t familiar with the company, car sharing means that there are vehicles located around town that are available for rent through the Zipcar app.  Grab a vehicle for an hour or two or lease it for the whole day, then drop it off at the designated spot you picked it up.  There are only a handful of cars in Breckenridge, so during busier times of the year, Zipcars may not be available due to increased demand.

Private Cars for Hire

Private car rentals are a step up to taxis or Ubers, especially for the fact that you can schedule them in advance and solidify your transportation.  Powderhound Transportation is a popular private car rental company in Breckenridge, and Peak 1 Express offers private SUVs for hourly hire.  Our Chevy Suburban’s comfortably fit five adults and the flexibility with these rentals with give you a professional driver that is at your beck and call, alleviating the stress of potential surge rates from Uber or waiting around for your taxi.  Peak 1 Express also offers charter services in our Mercedes Sprinter vans.  Our charters are the perfect option for large group transportation, as each van can comfortably fit up to 14 adults.

Bus System

Breckenridge Free Ride’s longest bus routes run from just after 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM during the busy season.  Check out the Free Ride winter schedule here.  Breckenridge Free Ride has 7 different routes, servicing areas such as Colorado Mountain College, the Satellite Lot, and the Wellington Neighborhood on the north side, Peaks 7 and 8 at the base of the Breckenridge Ski Resort, and Beaver Run, Warriors Mark, and the Ice Rink on the south side.  If you’re traveling outside this main Free Ride service area, an affordable option is the Summit Stage bus system.  Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Frisco, Dillon, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Blue River, and Breckenridge are all included in the service area, making Summit Stage a great source for visitors wanting to explore the area.

On Foot

Breckenridge’s Main Street is only about a mile long, making it easy to get around on foot.  This quaint mountain town boasts an abundance of delectable cuisine, shopping, and activity all within walking distance of each other.  The gondola, located just west of Main Street off of Watson Avenue, is another means of transportation with stops at the Shock Hill neighborhood, Peak 7, and Peak 8 ski areas.  Breckenridge’s Ski Resort sits at the top of the gondola, along with a handful of ski-in ski-out hotels and great restaurants.  Breckenridge is very pedestrian-friendly, with crosswalks at nearly every block and sidewalks along the streets.


When to Visit Breckenridge

Ski Season

The busiest time of year in Breckenridge is during the winter.  The Breckenridge Ski Resort opens early November and doesn’t close until the end of April each year.  A popular time to visit Breckenridge over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  Events such as the Race of the Santas and the Dew Tour in December to Ullr Fest in January and Mardi Gras in March keep the entire season full of fun, but February and March are the best months to venture to Breckenridge if you’re on the hunt for prime skiing. 


The common expression of “come for the winter, stay for the summer” couldn’t be more true about Breckenridge.  Colorado’s winter yields fresh powder skiing for months on end, but the colorful, sun-filled summers are something spectacular.  A plethora of outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, and rock climbing keep everyone busy throughout the warmer months of the year, as well as some fun events and great concerts.  May and early June are great times to visit Breckenridge.  The weather has begun to get warmer, but afternoon showers aren’t a daily occurrence in town quite yet.  If you’re looking for events in the area, you can try some craft specials at the annual Breckenridge Summer Beer Fest in July, or check out the live music and masterpieces at the International Arts festival in August. 

Mud Season

Spring and fall are overlooked each year, yet they both are some of the greatest times to visit Breckenridge.  The lack of tourists will make you feel like this picturesque mountain town is all yours to explore.  Enjoy spring skiing on the open slopes during a blue bird day in April or gaze at the sea of yellow the aspen trees create in the valleys after Labor Day in September.  Horseback riding through the backcountry, ziplining among the treetops under snow-capped peaks, and soaking in natural hot springs after a long hike are just of few of the many activities spring and fall have to offer in Breckenridge.


Weather in Breckenridge


With an average of 300 inches of snowfall a year, Breckenridge transforms into a winter wonderland each November and doesn’t let up much until April.  Colorado also celebrates over 300 days of sunshine annually, so though the average daytime temperature during the winter months is 28 degrees, the elevation of 9,600 feet in Breckenridge will make you feel like you have a personal space heater when you’re standing under the sun.  You’ll need to be sure to have layers on you at all times, since the weather in Breckenridge can change in the blink of an eye.  The day could start off with overcast, blowing snow, and less than 10-degree weather, and quick turn into a mid 30-degree sunny afternoon, so another essential item to carry on you is sunscreen.  Sunburns are never out of the picture in Breckenridge, even in cold weather. 


You will love the low-humidity days and cool bonfire-filled nights during the summer in the high country.  An average daytime temperature of 70 degrees makes for splendid hiking weather, but be sure to carry a rain jacket as afternoon showers are a common occurrence during the season, even when there’s no cloud in sight at 10:00 in the morning.  Don’t forget your sunscreen – being close to 10,000 feet above sea level creates the perfect set up for sunburn.  Be cautious of thunderstorms.  Being very close to tree line, lightning in Breckenridge and its surrounding areas can become incredibly dangerous, and you’re bound to be stuck in a hail storm at some point as well.  With an average evening temperature getting down into the 50’s, even though you’re heading to a restaurant for dinner at 6:00 at night and are still comfortable in your t-shirt, you’ll be wishing you brought a jacket when you leave two hours later. 

Spring & Fall 

Both spring and fall’s average daytime temperatures sit in the mid-50’s.  Watch the colors bloom across the town during the spring season and blankets of fall foliage cover the mountains before the winter hits.  As for planning a wardrobe for your visit during spring or fall, you should be prepared for rain and snow showers, as well as temperatures as low as the 30’s or as high as the 60’s.  Weather is incredibly unpredictable in Breckenridge, especially during these two off-seasons.


Navigating Breckenridge

Though the town is only six square miles, there is an amplitude of restaurants, shops, and activities scattered within its borders.  Understanding where everything is can be a bit of an arduous task, so here’s a layout of Breckenridge to help you navigate the town. 

Main Street

Situated right through the middle of downtown Breckenridge is Main Street. Restaurants, bars, food trucks, souvenir stops, and top notch outdoor gear stores line this mile-long stretch.  On the west side of Main Street toward the ski resort is Park Avenue.  Breckenridge’s one large grocery store, City Market, is situated on the north side of town and should be on your list of stops once you arrive.  Some great hotels to stay in are on the south side of Park Avenue, including The Village at Breckenridge and Beaver Run Resort.  Both are within walking distance of downtown Breckenridge and the chair lifts on Peak 9.

East of Main Street

To the east of Main Street are a few more streets running parallel to downtown, as well as the neighbors of Wellington, Boreas Pass, and Baldy Mountain.  Ridge Street and French Street are still part of downtown Breckenridge with some restaurants and shops as well as the post office and a local market.  The Wellington neighborhood is on the northeast side of Breckenridge, and in the last few years has developed into a pleasant community with an abundance of new townhomes being constructed.  Bald Mountain is a 13,684’ peak to the east of town, with Boreas Pass just south of the mountain.  The Ice Rink is located on Boreas Pass Road just to the east of Highway 9, and could be a fun family activity while you’re in town.  If you’re looking for a home or condominium rental for your visit to Breckenridge, both Baldy and Boreas Pass neighborhoods are sure to have a multitude of options.  Just be sure you know how far your rental is from downtown, especially if you’re planning on having your own two feet as your only form of transportation during your stay.

The Mountain 

West of Breckenridge up Ski Hill Road is the base of Peak 8 and Breckenridge’s world class ski resort.  With 2,908 acres of skiable terrain spread across five mountains of the Tenmile Range in Summit County, this is the highlight of the town and what brings most people to the area each year.  Though Peak 7, 8, and 9 are the most popular areas on the Breckenridge Ski Resort, there is also a Peak 6 and Peak 10.  The mountain has an abundance of lodging options, including home and condominium rentals through VRBO, Airbnb, and Home Away, as well as some great ski-in, ski-out hotels such as Beaver Run and The Village at the base of Peak 9, The Grand Colorado and One Ski Hill Place at the base of Peak 8, and the Grand Lodge on Peak 7.

South Breckenridge

To the south of town off of Highway 9 is a community called Blue River which sits at 10,000 feet above sea level.  If you’re seeking a quaint and quiet vacation rental outside of the hustle of Breckenridge, Blue River is the perfect place to begin your search.  The area is just 10 minutes south of the town of Breckenridge, but you’ll feel like you’re out in the wilderness in Blue River.  If you head further south on Highway 9, you’ll make your way up Hoosier Pass and past the popular 14er Quandary Peak.  The closest town south of Breckenridge and Blue River is Alma, Colorado, the highest incorporated town in North America.

North Breckenridge

On the north side of Breckenridge is Airport Road, which runs on the west side of Highway 9.  The Recreation Center, Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge Distillery, and the ever so popular Broken Compass Brewery are all located off of Airport Road.  The free bus in Breckenridge services all of Airport Road, making it easy to get around town.  Tiger Run is the last neighborhood heading north out of Breckenridge.  This location is a great area to rent if you’re looking for a vacation home a little way out of town.  It’s less than a 10-minute drive to downtown Breckenridge on the south side, as well as less than 10 minutes north to the town of Frisco.  The Breckenridge Golf Club is a 27-hole course located right off of Tiger Run as well, making for a great day activity just outside of Breckenridge with breathtaking views.