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Peak 1 Express Shuttle Service

Transportation from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Silverthorne

Head west on I-70 with Peak 1 Express to this Rocky Mountain destination.  Door-to-door services are ideal for Silverthorne with it’s wide variety of lodging options across town.  The closest discount locations for Silverthorne are located in Keystone and Frisco, Colorado.  Between private transportation services, door-to-door, and a few discount locations to choose from, you will find exactly the service you need with Peak 1 Express.

Silverthorne Airport Shuttle Rates

Frisco Colorado Transportation


Frisco Station
$54and up
PEAK SEASON Starting at $69
LOW SEASON Starting at $54
Mountain Shuttle


$64and up
PEAK SEASON Starting at $79
LOW SEASON Starting at $64
Denver Airport Colorado Shuttles


Your Silverthorne Destination
$539and up
Private Mercedes Sprinter14From $649
Private SUV6From $539

Discount Shuttle to Silverthorne

Though there isn’t a discount location in Silverthorne, there is one just a stones throw away.  Check out the Frisco Station if you’re on the hunt for the most affordable transportation options.  The short drive will fly by as you relax in the 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter van equipped with free WiFi and beverages.


Shared Shuttles to Silverthorne

Looking for the most affordable option to the mountains?  Shared shuttles should be on your radar.  With two discount locations close to the area and door-to-door services available in Silverthorne, you can hop on a shuttle and be to your destination in no time with Peak 1 Express.


Private Shuttles to Silverthorne

Private transportation services are also available in Silverthorne.  Your experienced driver will be waiting for you once you land at the airport, and you have an hour of stop time to run an errand on the way to your destination.  Private services with Peak 1 Express allow you to customize your trip to fit your needs, and you won’t have to wait around the airport for other riders or make unnecessary stops along the way.



what others are saying about Peak 1 Express

Sometimes you’re indebted to others eternally. When this circumstance arises, it normally stems from them saving your life or something of the like. Well let me tell you a story about Peak 1 Express… I was at a stage not long ago when my being was in jeopardy. Without anyone to reach out to, I went to my last option: the google search bar. Tbh, I didn’t know you could find angels there*. I did. Not only did the Peak 1 team alleviate my concerns, they put a solution together that managed to literally save my life. I got where I needed on time, safely and ready to shred. I even grew 2 inches, developed a tan and sprouted a 6 pack. 10/10, will book again.”

– David Rudel (Feb 2022)

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How much is a shuttle from Denver Airport to Silverthorne, Colorado?

Shared shuttles from Denver Airport to your door in Silverthorne, Colorado start at $59. For a discount location, you can be dropped off at the Frisco Transfer Station starting at $35 for adults. Private charters start at $319 and can hold a maximum of 14 people. 

How far is Silverthorne from Denver Airport?

Denver Airport is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Silverthorne, Colorado (90 miles). You can take I-70 the entire way, and once you get through Denver, you will enter the national forest where the roads are more extreme and can be effected by weather, traffic, avalanches, and rock slides.

What is the best way to get from Denver Airport to Silverthorne, Colorado?

There are multiple shared shuttles that will take you from Denver Airport to Silverthorne. There are times you can get an Uber or Lyft from Denver Airport to Silverthorne, but availability can be infrequent. Car rentals can be a good option, but just be aware of I-70 winter traction and chain laws. 

How far is Silverthorne from Vail?

Silverthorne is about 30 minutes from Vail, Colorado. Both destinations are right off I-70. Depending on when you are traveling it can take longer than 30 minutes due to heavy snow on the Vail Pass, avalanche mitigation, rock slides and more. 

What is the best airport to fly into in order to get to Silverthorne, Colorado?

The most common airport that visitors fly into is Denver International Airport. From there, travelers can take a shuttle or rent a car 1 hour and 40 minutes west in order to get to Silverthorne, Colorado. You can also fly into Eagle County Regional Airport which is also about 1 hour west of Silverthorne. 

Is there a train from Denver to Silverthorne, Colorado?

Currently, there is not a train between Denver and Silverthorne, Colorado, but there are multiple shuttle and bus options. You can take an shuttle, the bustang, or the Greyhound