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Transportation from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Vail

When you book a Vail airport shuttle through Peak 1 Express, you’re guaranteed to save the time and hassle involved with coordinating your own transportation to and from DEN; which means more time enjoying the actual fun parts of your vacation!  If you’re planning a getaway for the winter season, choosing Peak 1 Express might also mean avoiding 3+ hours of stress-filled, white-knuckle driving as you make your way up and over Vail Pass. Our winter shuttle drivers have driven the route between Denver International Airport (DIA) and Vail hundreds of times, often in extreme weather conditions, and are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure you and your group arrive safely and invigorated; ready to enjoy all that Vail Resort has to offer.

How to Get from DIA to Vail

Denver Airport to Vail Colorado

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Vail Airport Shuttle Rates

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Vail Transportation Center
$64and up
PEAK SEASONStarting at $79
LOW SEASONStarting at $64
Mountain Shuttle


$74and up
PEAK SEASONStarting at $89
LOW SEASONStarting at $74
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Your Summit County Destination
$539and up
Private Mercedes Sprinter14From $699
Private SUV6From $539

Discount Shuttle to Vail

The lowest rates on transportation to Vail are at our discount location, the Vail Transportation Center.  You won’t have to wait around long for a shuttle and you won’t break the bank booking this service, either.


Shared Shuttles to Vail

Hop on a shared shuttle and enjoy the free WiFi as your experienced driver takes you up to the mountains with ease.  This service is affordable and reliable, and you can even schedule a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off so you’ll land right at the base of your lodging or destination.  With the most departure and arrival times at the Denver Airport, Peak 1 Express has the widest range of shuttle options for travelers.


Private Shuttles to Vail

For a completely customizable transportation option, look no further than private SUV and charter services with Peak 1 Express.  Not only will your driver be waiting at the airport for you once you land, but you’ll get an hour of stop time and the whole vehicle to yourself and your group.  No waiting around for other parties or making a handful of stops along the way, private services are designed just for you. 



what others are saying about Peak 1 Express

Funny driver, felt very safe in icy and stormy roads! Jesse, my driver, was extremely professional. Would recommend this service to my friends and family!”

– Reyna (Feb 2022)

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How much is a shuttle from Denver Airport to Vail, Colorado?

Shared shuttles from Denver Airport to the Vail Transportation Center start at $54. Door to door shared shuttles to Vail, Colorado start at $64. Private charters start at $399 and can hold a maximum of 14 passengers. 

Is Uber available in Vail, Colorado?

While Uber and Lyft are available in Vail, Colorado there are limited number of drivers in the area. You cannot rely on Uber and lyft in Vail for a ride to the Denver airport because they are not always available. Uber and Lyft services are not allowed at the Eagle airport, so transportation to and from there needs to be booked ahead of time. 

Is there a shuttle from Denver to Vail?

There are many shuttle options from Denver Airport to Vail, Colorado. The most affordable option is the shared shuttle which has a set schedule about every hour and a half and will have other passengers on your shuttle. The most convenient is a private shuttle that can pick you up anytime and drop you off anywhere in Vail and even make up to an hour stop for you. 

What is the best airport to fly into to get to Vail, Colorado?

The most common airport is Denver Airport, which is about 2 hours from Vail, Colorado on I70. The Eagle County Regional Airport 35 minutes from Vail, however, there tends to be less flight options for Eagle. 

Do I need a car when I visit Vail, Colorado?

Vail, Colorado has a free bus system that can take you anywhere in Vail in a safe and reliable manner. There are also other complimentary shuttles that can take visitors to the grocery store, restaurants, or the ski lifts. The town of Vail is walk-able and parking a car comes at a high price for visitors. 

How far is Denver Airport from Vail?

Vail, Colorado is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from the Denver Airport. In order to get from Denver Airport to Vail, you will travel along I-70 in the Rocky Mountains and there can often be delays due to weather, traffic, avalanches, rock slides and more. It is best to plan ahead in order to avoid traffic, however you should always be prepared for weather in the mountains. 

How do you get from Denver Airport to Vail, Colorado?

There are many shared shuttles that will take you from Denver Airport to Vail, Colorado. Shared shuttles can take you directly to your door in a safe and reliable manner. From Denver airport you can rent a car, but it is important to make sure the car has reliable tires and chains in the winter. 

How do you get from Eagle Airport to Vail, Colorado?

There are shared shuttles and private shuttles that will take you from Eagle Airport to Vail, Colorado. Additionally, there are rental car options from the Eagle Airport that will allow you to drive to Vail. Uber and Lyft cannot service the Eagle Airport at this time. 

Is the drive from Denver to Vail Safe?

The drive from Denver to Vail is predominantly on I-70 which is a windy 2-lane highway through the mountains. While it is a beautiful drive is can be a drive filled with unpredictable weather, lots of semi trucks, as well as other obstacles. If you are not comfortable driving in snow or on mountain roads, it is best to leave the driving up to a professional.