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All About Breckenridge Transportation

Transportation in Breckenridge FAQs

The beautiful mountain town of Breckenridge, CO is located about 80 miles west of Denver. Also known as “Colorado’s Kingdom”, Breckenridge is a town rich in history, culture and events. It is also home to the world-renown Breckenridge Ski Resort, which boasts 2,908 acres of skiable terrain across 5 mountain peaks. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains at 9,600 feet in elevation, Breckenridge is the perfect mountain town for both summer and winter adventure seekers. The town may be small, only about 7 miles long and 2 miles wide, however, there is much to know about not only getting around Breckenridge, but getting to Breckenridge from Denver.

Denver to Breckenridge

Is there a bus from Denver to Breckenridge?

If you are hoping to take a bus from Denver to Breckenridge, you do have options, but they are limited. Bustang offers daily round trip service between Glenwood Springs and Denver at Union Station, making a stop in Frisco. From there, you would hop on the free Summit Stage bus from Frisco to Breckenridge, where you will be dropped off at the Breckenridge Station. At the station you can hop on one of the Breckenridge Free Ride buses to your destination walk there.

Another bus from Denver to Breckenridge is the Greyhound. The Denver Greyhound offers multiple trips daily between Denver and Frisco. The Greyhound will bus you from the Denver Bus Station on 19th Street to the Frisco Transit Center, where you can hop on another bus to get to Breckenridge. Buses from Denver to Breckenridge on either the Bustang or Greyhound start at around $12 one-way.

Is there a shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge?

There are a number of shuttle options from Denver to Breckenridge, however, it’s important to note that during the high season, shuttle options frequently book up quickly. If you are interested in booking a shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge, or have some questions about available shuttles from Denver to Breck, give Peak 1 Express a call at 855-GO-PEAK1 (855-467-3251).

How do I get from Denver to Breckenridge?

Breckenridge is located just west on I-70 from Denver, CO. From Denver, CO, you will navigate to Interstate 70 and head west. Total mileage on 70 will vary depending on where in Denver you are coming from, but you will be on I-70 for about 60-70 miles. As you wind through the mountains, you will also climb up from 5,280 feet in elevation to about 9,100 feet as you approach Frisco, CO. Take the Frisco/Breckenridge exit 203 and continue onto CO-9 South towards Breckenridge.

How long is the drive from Denver Airport to Breckenridge?

The drive time from Denver Airport to Breckenridge can vary based on traffic and road conditions. During the summer, there are often delays along I-70 for road construction. During the winter, icy road conditions and accidents can cause major closures and delays. This is where car rentals get tricky. With the traction law in Colorado, as well as alternate route options, it is sometimes better to leave the driving to local companies. This will get you to your destination the quickest because of dispatch staff who are able to track delays and provide the best alternate routes.

What is the traction law for I-70 in Colorado mean for my car rental?

During inclement weather, Colorado will enact its Traction Law, which requires motorists to either have snow tires, tires with the mud/snow designation or a four-wheel/all-wheel drive vehicle. Not every Denver rental car will be outfitted with the correct tires or be FWD/AWD, and this could get you in serious trouble. Driving with inadequate equipment could lead to a fine of between $130 to $650. When there is snow on the road, a vehicle with winter tires traveling at 60 MPH, the average speed limit on I-70 between Denver and Breckenridge, would require 310 feet to stop. A vehicle with mud/snow designated tires would need over double that (668 feet). If you do decide to move forward with a rental car to Breckenridge, we strongly suggest that you don’t opt-out of the additional insurance, especially if driving to Breckenridge in the winter.

What is the best transportation from Denver to Breckenridge?

It all depends on who you ask and when you ask them. There are several viable options to get from Denver to Breckenridge if you’re from out-of-town:

  • Greyhound or Bustang bus to Frisco; Summit Stage from Frisco to Breckenridge
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Private shuttle service
  • Uber or Lyft
  • Rental car

Taking a bus service such as Bustang or Greyhound to the mountains can be a bit of a hassle. First, if you are coming in at Denver Airport, you will have to first hop on the Light Rail to get to the bus station for Greyhound or Union Station for Bustang. It’s about a 30-minute train ride. After that, you will probably have to wait around a bit for the bus, as there are limited departure times. Once you get to Frisco, you will have to catch the bus to Breckenridge Station.

Let’s say you land in Denver at 12:30pm, pickup your luggage and hop on the train at around 1:45pm. After a 30-minute train ride, you would arrive at Union Station at around 2:15. Assuming you are able to make the early Bustang departure at 2:45pm, you would arrive to the Frisco Transfer Center at around 4:50pm, as long as traffic is light and the roads are clear. You would then hop on the 5:00pm Frisco to Breckenridge bus and arrive at the Breckenridge Station at 5:35pm. From there, you would have to get on another bus to get to your accommodations, or walk. That will probably get you to where you need to be close to 6pm, which is 5 ½ hours after you landed in Denver. The one-way cost of this option is less than $30, but it’s not going to get you to the slopes very quickly.

During the winter, we strongly suggest against renting a car. Why? First of all, you don’t really need it. Breckenridge has a fantastic free transit system. By skipping the rental car, you won’t have to deal with the stress of road closures and delays, rerouting and the cost of parking in Breckenridge.

When it comes to on-demand rides like Uber and Lyft, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of factors that could potentially drive us your cost, such as price surges, traffic causing delays and needing larger vehicles to accommodate your luggage. Click here for more info on taking Lyft or Uber to Breckenridge.

What are the options for getting a Denver to Breckenridge shuttle?

A variety of Breckenridge shuttle companies provide shuttles from Denver to Breckenridge. If you are booking your shuttle during an off-peak time or far in advance, you can be pretty picky about which provider you choose. In this case, we suggest heading to TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google to find the most reliable shuttle service for your needs. If you are booking for a major holiday or close to the time you need a shuttle, your options may be more limited, as Breckenridge shuttles tend to book up during peak season. In that case, find the one with the best schedule for your departure and arrival times, then call to see if there’s any availability.

What is the cheapest shuttle Denver to Breckenridge?

Shuttle prices to Breckenridge vary depending on time of year, availability, how far out you are booking, the size of your group and more. There are a few keys to locking in the best available rates. If you will be traveling in the winter season, check for Black Friday specials. By booking your winter shuttle in November, you’ll take advantage of Black Friday deals and early season pricing. If you are traveling with 3 or more people, it may be more cost and time efficient to look into private shuttle services. You can also save money by selecting discount shuttle locations over the door-to-door service.

What’s the difference between the Breckenridge station shuttle and door to door shuttle in Breckenridge?

There are two primary differences between taking the Denver airport shuttle to Breckenridge Station and the door-to-door Denver to Breckenridge shuttle. The first is the price. The Breckenridge station shuttle is a discount shuttle stop, meaning you’ll pay between $15 and $20 less one-way if you set Breckenridge Station as your departure or arrival address. However, with the lower fare you will lose the convenience of the door-to-door shuttle, which drops you off at the address of your choice. Once you get to the Breckenridge Station, it will be up to you to get to your accommodations. This may mean grabbing an Uber, walking or hopping on the bus. If you choose to take an Uber, just remember that the minimum cost of Uber in Breckenridge in $10, meaning even if you go just a mile, it will be $10. If you go further, it will quickly add up, making the door-to-door shuttle not only more convenient, but more cost efficient as well.

Where is the Breckenridge Station?

The Breckenridge Station is located adjacent to the Breckenridge gondola on Watson Avenue, which connects Main Street and Park Avenue. The Breckenridge Station is the central hub for all Breck Free Ride buses, the Summit Stage bus, various lodging shuttles and airport shuttle carriers.

Breckenridge Station Map

How do I get to my hotel from the Breckenridge Station?

From Breckenridge Station, you have a few options for navigating to your hotel. Depending on how close your hotel is to the station, you could easily walk. However, if you are staying a good distance from the station, or up Ski Hill Road or another uphill climb, walking is not realistic, especially with luggage. Another option is the Breck Free Ride. Check the map at the station to see if there is a stop located close to your hotel. You could also take a cab. There are a few Breckenridge taxi companies, and Uber and LYFT are available as well. If you are utilizing an airport shuttle to Breckenridge and are not able to walk to your hotel from the station, upgrading to door-to-door service is cheaper than going to the station and hopping in a taxi, Uber or LYFT.

Is there a late night shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge?

If you are arriving late to Denver and need a late night shuttle to Breckenridge, you have a few options. Peak 1 Express offers shuttle pick-ups to Breckenridge as late as 11:15pm. If you won’t be able to make a late night airport shuttle, your options become more limited. You can see what’s available in the Uber and LYFT apps. Other than that, you will have to wait until morning to get your shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge.

Can I Uber from Denver to Breckenridge?

Yes, you can take an Uber from Denver to Breckenridge. Something to remember, however, is that with the luggage you are sure to have, you may have to upgrade to a larger vehicle from the standard UberX, the cheapest option. In this case, there may be more affordable options.

How much is an Uber from Denver to Breckenridge?

As you may know, the prices of Uber can vary greatly. Things like price surges, road closures and delays, and larger vehicles all add to the price of your Denver to Breckenridge Uber. Based on the fares generated using Uber’s fare estimate tool, here is the price breakdown before any price surges or traffic delays:


up to 4 people; not much luggage space
$120 – $159
up to 4 people & ski storage
$128 – $167
up to 6 people; limited luggage
$226 – $300
up to 4 people; luxury vehicle
$236 – $312
up to 4 people; luxury sedan
$365 – $484
seats 5 or more; luxury SUV
$431 – $570

What’s the price difference in taking an Uber versus taking a private shuttle from Denver Airport to Breckenridge?

We’ve broken that down for you HERE.

Can I take a taxi from Denver to Breckenridge?

Yes, however your options are limited. Aside from Uber and LYFT, there are not many on-demand options for taxis from Denver to Breckenridge. Most require advance reservations and charge this service at a premium rate.

Getting Around Breckenridge

How walkable is Breckenridge?

Breckenridge is a very walkable town, with the popular section of Main Street only stretching to about ¾ of a mile. Along the way you’ll pass a number of popular restaurants, bars, shops and more. There’s also the Downtown Trolley, which runs from City Market all the way to the Ice Rink along Main Street. If you are hoping to walk to the slopes, you can make the hike up to peak 7 or 8, a grueling uphill 1.5 mile hike, or head to the base of peak 9 at the Maggie, a much more attainable ½ mile stroll at the south end of Main Street. If you’d like to reach peak 7 or 8 and not ready to make the uphill hike, the Breckenridge Gondola or the Breck Free Ride will get you there easily!

Is there a bus in Breckenridge?

Yes, Breckenridge has an extensive bus system for the size of the town, and it’s free! The Breck Free Ride stretches from the north end of town at CMC and the Satellite Lot, up to peaks 7, 8 and 9, as far east as the library, then south to the Ski & Raquet Club and up Boreas Pass to the Ice Rink. For further buses, the Summit Stage can get you to Blue River, up Boreas Pass and to Frisco. For more information, visit

Is there Uber in Breckenridge?

Yes, Uber is available in Breckenridge. All rides are subject to a $10 minimum, so that ½ mile drive might not be worth it. However, when it’s 4°F outside and snowing sideways, that $10 minimum won’t look so bad.

Is there a taxi in Breckenridge?

Yes, there are a few taxi services available in Breckenridge. 453TAXI is the most popular outside of Uber and LYFT. Some mountain shuttle carriers also provide hourly services around Breckenridge and the surrounding areas.

Transportation Between Breckenridge & Other Resorts and Towns

Where does the Summit Stage bus go?

The Summit Stage bus operates between Breckenridge, Frisco, Copper, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Silverthorne, Dillon and the surrounding areas. There are direct buses between Frisco and Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne, Silverthorne, Dillon and Keystone, as well as a Blue River, Boreas Pass, Copper Mountain, Lake County, Silverthorne, Swan Mountain Road and Wildernest.

Is there a Breckenridge to Frisco bus?

Yes, the Summit Stage offers a bus from Breckenridge to Frisco. The Frisco to Breckenridge bus offers pickups every 30 minutes at the Frisco Transfer Center and the Breckenridge Station and the stops in-between.

Is there a bus from Breckenridge to Keystone?

If you are trying to get from Breckenridge to Keystone, you can hop on the Swan Mountain Flyer at the Breckenridge Station to be transported directly to Keystone River Run in about 25 minutes. The bus departs hourly from Breckenridge Station.

Is there a bus from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain?

If you are looking at taking a bus from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain, you will first have to hop on the Breckenridge to Frisco Summit Stage bus to the Frisco Transfer Center. From there, you will transfer over to the Copper Mountain bus. The Copper to Frisco and Frisco to Copper buses leave hourly. The process to get from Breckenridge to Copper on the Summit Stage takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Is there a Breckenridge to Vail bus?

There’s no direct bus from Breckenridge to Vail, however, there is a way to get from Frisco to Vail for about $5 on the Bustang. For the entire trip from Breckenridge to Frisco, then Frisco to Vail takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Bustang leaves from Frisco Transfer Center at 4:50pm daily, so don’t expect to be to Vail before 5:30pm.

If the Bustang schedule doesn’t work for you, you can shell out an extra $2 and take the Greyhound from Frisco to Vail. The Greyhound offers a number of departure times throughout the day, as early as 2:30am arriving at 3:05am and as late as 7:30pm arriving at 8:10pm and everything in-between.

Can I get from Breckenridge to Beaver Creek on the bus?

If you would like to get from Breckenridge to Beaver Creek via bus, you’ll first have to follow the instructions above for getting from Breckenridge to Vail. From the Vail Transportation Center, you’ll hop on the ECO Transit bus heading westbound for just $4. You’ll ride about 15 minutes and hop off at the Avon Station. From the Avon Station, you can just hop on the Avon bus Highway 6 Westbound bus, get off at the first stop at the Beaver Creek Elk Lot. To get from Breckenridge to Beaver Creek by bus, it will take close to 2 hours.

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