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Transportation from Denver to Frisco

Located in the heart of Summit County, Frisco, CO offers a low-key and convenient alternative to staying at the mountain. With a quaint downtown offering restaurants and shops and the Frisco Adventure Park just up the road, it’s easy to forget about the world. Frisco offers a quiet town feel with top notch skiing and snowboarding nearby. Peak 1 Express provides a Frisco shuttle between Denver International Airport and the town of Frisco. Our Frisco transportation services include car service and charter shuttles as well as the Frisco airport shuttle.

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There are a multitude of options for your Frisco, Colorado transportation:

  • Get dropped at the front door of your hotel with door-to-door services with Peak 1 Express.  Adult seats start at $51.
  • Choose our best buy and get dropped off at the discount location in Frisco, Colorado.  Rates start at $35.
  • Need a customized travel agenda?  Look into private transportation services with Peak 1 Express.
Denver Airport to Frisco Colorado
Shared Shuttles to Frisco

Peak 1 Express offers the most shuttles during the peak season in Colorado from Denver Airport up to Frisco, Colorado.  Shared shuttles are the most reliable and affordable option for transportation to the mountains. If you just want to get right to your hotel once you arrive in town, check out door-to-door services with Peak 1 Express. 



Discount Shuttle to Frisco

It’s the best buy of all time with Peak 1 Express.  You’ll get dropped off right in the center of beautiful Summit County, Colorado at the Frisco Transfer Center discount location.  You’ll have easy access to all the surrounding mountain gems in the Rockies and plenty of public transportation to get you to where you need to go.



Private Shuttles to Frisco

Flying in late or you need to make a stop along the way to your destination?  Private transportation services with Peak 1 Express are the answer for you and your group.  Ride in a luxurious 6-passenger SUV, or schedule a 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter van for your large group.  The trip is customizable and specific to you, so you can make a stop to grab your ski rentals for the week and you won’t have to wait on anyone.



Frisco Airport Shuttle Rates

Frisco Colorado Transportation


Frisco Station
$35and up
$35 - $64
Mountain Shuttle


$51and up
1-2 people$54 - $84
Groups of 3 or more$51 - $64
Denver Airport Colorado Shuttles


Your Summit County Destination
$319and up
Private Mercedes Sprinter14From $369
Private SUV6From $319

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How much is a shuttle from Denver Airport to Frisco, Colorado?

Shared shuttles from Denver Airport to the Frisco Transfer Station start at $35. Door to door shared shuttles to Frisco, Colorado start at $51. Private charters start at $319 and can hold a maximum of 14 people. 

How far is Frisco, Colorado from Denver Airport?

Denver Airport is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Frisco, Colorado. The highway that takes drivers from Denver Airport to Frisco is I-70 and can be effected by weather, traffic, avalanches, and rock slides. This highway travels through mountain terrain and travel times can be affected due to the nature of this environment. 

How do you get from Denver Airport to Frisco, Colorado?

Shared shuttles will take you from Denver Airport to Frisco, Colorado, which has a free bus system. Another option is to rent a car  and drive to Frisco, but beware of chain laws once you get into the mountains. There are times you can get an Uber from Denver Airport to Frisco, Colorado, but they are not always available. 

How far is Denver from Frisco?

Denver is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Frisco Colorado if there is no traffic. You can take interstate 70 from Denver all the way to Frisco and it is about 70 miles. There is typically heavy traffic from Denver to Frisco on Friday afternoons and heavy traffic from Frisco to Denver on Sunday afternoons. 


The most common airport is Denver Airport, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes east of Frisco, Colorado on I-70. The Eagle County Regional Airport 1 hour from Frisco, however, there tends to be less flight options for Eagle Airport. 

Is there Uber in Frisco, Colorado?

While Uber and Lyft are available in Frisco, Colorado, there are limited drivers in the area, and it is not as reliable as it is in most towns and cities. Wait times can last anywhere between 20 minutes or even an hour to find a ride. You cannot always rely on Uber and Lyft in Frisco for a ride to the Denver airport because they are not always available.