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Summer Events in Vail

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Courtesy Jack Affleck and the VLMDAC.
Courtesy Jack Affleck and the VLMDAC.

If you’re coming to Colorado this summer and looking for a fun place to go, look no further than the Vail Valley. Vail was designed after the alpine villages in Europe and is an incredibly walkable town. Beautiful scenery and mountain charm make this a one of a kind destination. During the summer Vail has an array of activities for families, adventure seekers, and art enthusiasts alike. Here are some of the best summer events in Vail.

The Vail Dance Festival takes place July 29th to August 12th. This world renowned festival has an international following and draws people from all over the world. For two weeks Vail is shrouded in the exceptional artistry of leaps, dips, headspins, and pirouettes. Featuring many different kinds of dance, there is at least one event to make everyone happy.

The GoPro Mountain Games is a celebration of all kinds of adventure sports. June 8th through the 11th, Vail has outdoor adventure competitions to amuse and enthrall anyone and everyone. One of the favorite events is a full contact kayak competition, a 200 meter course where racers cram into, destroy and scuttle the plans of other racers. This is a one of a kind event that can only be seen in Vail. There are even races for your pooch including a “Long Jump”, “Doggy Paddle”, and a “Vertical Leap”

Courtesy Jack Affleck and the VLMDAC.
Courtesy Jack Affleck and the VLMDAC.

The Bravo! Vail Music Festival takes place June 22nd through August 4th. Orchestras, including the Philharmonic, come to participate in this event. There are musical guests to suit everyone’s different music tastes, as well as learning events for kids. This acclaimed festival will be celebrating it’s 33rd season in 2017 with a line of pop, classical, and jazz artists.

Vail Whitewater Race Series features kayak, two person raft, and stand up paddle board races. The series runs on Tuesday nights throughout May and June and brings out a competitive line up of racers. Each week offers a different challenge for the contestants and is scored on a three tier point system. After each race day different venues hold after parties for guests and contestants. For those guests who are over the age of 21, New Belgium Brewing will be providing beer!

These events are just the tip of the iceberg. Vail has multiple free concert series, food tastings, and is always beautiful to just stroll around. As a hub for mountain culture there is really no better place to visit than the Vail Valley.