How to Make the Most of Mud Season

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main st summerJust the word “mud season” does not sound like the time of the year anyone would want to visit Colorado; thoughts of damp and cloudy weather come to mind. For those unfamiliar with the term it is that time of the year in Colorado between the ski resorts closing and summer activities starting. It gets the name from all of the snow melt causing an increase in mud. You’re probably wondering why anyone would choose to visit the state during this period. There are actually a number of reasons why this is one of the best times to visit The Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

The first reason mud season is a great time to come out to Colorado is that the crowds are gone┬ábut there is still plenty to do! This is the perfect for those looking for a little solitude. Winter attracts plenty of skiers and snowboarders while summer attracts families looking for beautiful camping and hiking spots. For those of you who have visited Breckenridge during the winter, you are probably fully aware that parking can be a bit of a hassle…..not to mention the traffic on Interstate 70 on those busy weekends. If you don’t mind a little colder weather this is still a great time to camp. Most of the campsites in Colorado are open year round and during this time you will have a lot more options as opposed to mid summer when spots tend to fill up in the very popular areas.

The next reason to visit Colorado during mud season is that it is much cheaper for those on a budget. As demand declines so do the prices. Lodging rates are very discounted, as well as restaurants and shops around these quiet mountain towns.

Liam-Doran-5786You might also be wondering what activities there are this time of year. This can vary a bit depending on how much snow is left over from winter. If most of the snow is melted off and you don’t mind a little mud this is still a great time to go for a hike. If there is still some snow left over you can rent a pair of snowshoes and still head out to some great trails. Road biking is another great option as most of the roads and paved pathways are clear of snow. If you prefer to ride on a trail, fat bike rentals are a great option; the extra wide tires make traveling much easier on the soft muddy trails.

These are just a few of the reasons to visit Colorado during mud season. If you’re looking for more options or for transportation up to the mountains be sure to give us a call at Peak 1 Express!