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Peak 1 Express Fleet“Enjoyed the ride and visit with both drivers. Great van.”

If you have decided to use Peak 1 Express transportation to the mountains you will soon become familiar with one of the members of our fleet. We have two different styles of Peak 1 fleet vehicles. Our luxurious Mercedes Sprinters, which we use for the majority of our Colorado shuttle destinations, and our Ford E350 vans. Each with a personality of their own, it will be exciting to find out who will be taking you to your destination!

We have 15 Mercedes Sprinters in our fleet and use these a vast majority of the time for our DEN transportation to the mountains. Check one out in this video!

Each of our vehicles has its own special name – we like to give our vehicles some love!

Ike: The Eisenhower tunnel is truly a modern marvel.  The highest vehicular tunnel in the world, you will want to take a moment to appreciate such a behemoth. Deserving an insurmountable amount of respect by all those who travel through and under the continental divide. Peak 1 Express has named a member of our fleet out our respect for this incredible feat of man’s ability to construct. All travelers will feel at ease in the reliable and sturdy shuttle that is Ike. A playful nickname for president Eisenhower, whom this tunnel was named after.  So  relax with Ike, and enjoy your mountain adventure in one of our most luxurious shuttles.


Johnson:  A twin to the Eisenhower bore tunnel, heading eastbound. The Johnson bore tunnel was named after Edwin C. Johnson. A past Governor and U.S. Senator, Johnson  provided an inconceivable amount  of support for the interstate highway system through Colorado. Peak 1 Express has shuttles that provide the same amount of support for all of our guests. Since the Johnson tunnel was built to provide a considerable amount of convenience for travelers, we also thought there to be no better a name for our friendly and welcoming shuttle. If you are looking for an alleviation of stress look no further than our pleasant shuttle Johnson. A truly convenient and enjoyable way to travel.


Pali: Pali, the abbreviation for Palaviccini. A name most Summit County locals have grown to love. A name that brings smiles and will definitely get adrenaline pumping. The infamous chairlift at Arapahoe Basin, Pallavicini provides expert terrain that will inspire any skier or rider to push themselves and to go the distance. It is evident why Peak 1 Express’s very own Pali is named after such excellence. Pali is one of our exquisite shuttles, with a smooth ride that is nothing short of expert! While on our Pali shuttle you may expect the same calm and select execution that one would take as they sail down the hill. With grace and a pristine sense of welcoming you will be unable to find another shuttle that will transport you with such distinction.


Floyd: Floyd Hill on Interstate 70 between Idaho Springs and Evergreen is infamous for its winter storms. That’s why you’ve chosen Peak 1 Express: to let the experts take care of that tricky winter driving. We also love Floyd Hill for its beautiful mountain views as we start the descent into the city of Denver.  


Siggy: This van is named after a Peak 1 Express driver, Russell “Siggy” Sigler, who drove for us for 2 seasons before passing away in 2013. Siggy was well known in Summit County and all of us at Peak 1 Express were touched by him and deeply saddened by his passing. He is missed!


Bogart: True old time Hollywood lives again through Bogart.  Humphrey Bogart was a  classy hero to the screen, who was not afraid to live for the day and to voice his opinions openly. A true actor whose influence is present in acting today. Our shuttle has picked up on his iconic way of life and will bring you to your destination where you too may live for the day. Named after a legend Bogart is nothing short  of impeccable.  Relax and enjoy true luxury , and hospitality if you are aboard Peak 1 express’s finest, Bogart.


Marilyn: Just like the lovable actress and icon we have all grown to cherish and adore, Marilyn is nothing shy of wonderful. This endearing shuttle will whisk you away to the mountains or down to the airport with Marilyn Monroe’s legendary style. Showing perseverance even through the roughest of storms, just like the incredible actress you may  decide to book shuttle services for all of your trips. Marilyn Monroe is and will forever be an image of beauty for America, and our shuttle will strive to be the same.


Frank: Old Blue Eyes lives again through our charming shuttle, Frank. Named after Frank Sinatra one of America’s largest names and face of music from the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond. Frank will take you smoothly to and from where you will be staying and if you listen hard enough you may even hear his melodic harmonies, that will soothe away any tension and stress from all of our guests  during their ride. Frank Sinatra was also one of the founding members of the “Rat Pack” and his cunning and wit are present in our Peak 1 Express shuttle, Frank.


Dean: An artist of words and stupendous sounds that will appease any listening ear, Dean Martin has gone down in the books as one of the coolest men who ever lived. Peak 1 Express’s own Dean has gone above and beyond to portray this cool calm and collective being. As you are transported on your journey to or from the mountains it will be difficult not to think of the stylish Dean Martin and the tunes that even knocked the Beatles from the top of the charts. If you are lucky enough to travel with Dean, there is no doubt that you will feel truly safe and well.


Sammy: To dance and sing the night away, is the stuff of legend… However, not just any legend, but one in particular – Sammy Davis Jr. A man who changed the face of Hollywood and astounded the world for a staggering 60 years. When you travel in our notable Sammy, you will feel a smile hit your face as you experience true dedication: a dedication to impeccable customer service. Sammy will provide a smooth ride that will flow through the mountains, just like Sammy Davis Jr. flowed across stage.


Yoshi: Dependable friend and companion of the Mario Brothers, who would not want to ride with Yoshi? Yoshi has become a childhood favorite, a lovable ally to Mario and Luigi, and a transportation dream! When you travel on Peak 1 Express’s Yoshi you may rest assured that you will arrive at your destination refreshed and revitalized. Yoshi will provide a friendly safe way to travel which will guarantee you to be ready for wherever your travels may take you.  We encourage children and adults alike to bring their favorite Mario game on board and to truly be engulfed with the one and only Yoshi!