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Whether it’s your very first time to the mountains, or even if you are just coming back home to a more familiar elevation, then that turn from Denver on I-70 that opens up to the Rocky Mountains is always a majestic sight. The view of the massive Rockies from Denver is truly something to behold. It happens to be much easier to behold this incredible sight when you are not responsible for navigating the windy mountains roads required to bring you up to the mountain life. For this reason, and many others, I greatly enjoy and highly recommend taking shared shuttle transportation from Denver International Airport up to the mountains.

There are several options when it comes to transportation to the mountains from Denver, but I tend to take Peak 1 Express’s shared shuttle transportation. One of the main reasons for this is that I know exactly what to expect every time that black Mercedes sprinter pulls up to pick me up either on the curb in front of my home or curbside outside of door 513 at DIA. I know that my driver is going to be on time, courteous, and that he is going to know exactly where we are going. P1E drivers always strike me with a great sense of professionalism. You feel almost like you’re arriving at a luxury hotel rather than stepping up to an airport shuttle van when that spiffily dressed driver takes your luggage and opens the sprinter door for you. Your driver is going to know your name and where you are headed, and most of the time they will have a fairly accurate ETA ready for you as well. The sense of comfort that with stepping foot onto a shared shuttle is real, especially with Peak 1 Express.

Front Range by I-70, Photo by David Herrera

Once you are on the vehicle you can expect your driver to request clearance from their dispatcher to make sure that they aren’t leaving any guests behind and then to be promptly on your way up to the Rockies as soon as that dispatcher gives them clearance. Most likely you will be on the shuttle with some other people also anxious to make their way up to the mountains. This is a great opportunity to make some new friends, or to take a nap! Now, if you googled the route time from DIA to your hotel and are expecting your googled quote to be on the dot accurate then you are setting yourself up for a great disappointment.

Peak 1 Express dispatchers
Peak 1 Express Dispatch Center

Remember the people you’re going to either make friends with or take a nap to ignore? Well those people are probably not staying at the same hotel as you and may be dropped off sooner than you are depending on where their desired drop off location is in proximity to the highway or to DIA. You may very well be that lucky first drop off (fingers crossed), but don’t expect or plan your day around that being the case. Remember, you are getting the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your ride up to the mountains so a delay in being dropped off is just more time to enjoy the views.

Taking a shared shuttle really does strike me as the most stress-free mode of transportation from Denver to the mountains, and in my experiences, it has made traveling much easier than even driving myself. I so appreciate the chance to sit back, throw a playlist on Spotify and pop my headphones in, and enjoy the views as I embark on my travels to or from the comfort of the mountains. After you expend the effort of making your shuttle reservation, everything else from the start to the end of your trip to or from the airport is taken care of. I love the comfort of knowing that after I talk to that Peak 1 Express reservation’s agent then at least a huge portion of my travel plans are completely handled by someone else, and I am certain that you will find the same comfort in booking with Peak 1.