How to Get to Frisco, Colorado from the Denver Airport

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How to Get to Frisco, Colorado from the Denver Airport

If you’re traveling to Frisco, Colorado this year from out of state, you’re most likely flying into the Denver Airport.  Frisco is located about two hours west of the airport on I-70, and there are plenty of options for transportation up to the mountain town.  We’ll lay out the pros and cons between renting a car, Uber-ing your way to the high country, and sticking with a shuttle company.

Rental Cars from the Denver Airport

We will say it is nice to travel around the Colorado Rockies with your own vehicle, and with a dozen rental car companies based at the Denver Airport, there’s plenty to choose from.  If you’re making your way around the state during your stay, renting a car is a great option.  You’ll get the freedom of going wherever you want at any time without hopping around from plane to train to bus to shuttle… or something like that.  However, Colorado’s winters can get pretty hectic and summertime holidays and weekends are traffic jam galore.  If you’re sticking around Frisco for your vacation, not having a car is actually a huge benefit.  You can take advantage of the free bus system and affordable Summit Stage bus service between towns in the county during your stay and not stress about parking.

Uber & Lyft

We’ve talked about them before… they’re the newest trend for transportation services.  Though it’s nice to order an Uber from your phone and have a car show up 5 minutes later, neither of these companies are reliable for traveling from the Denver Airport to Frisco.  If you’re in need of a ride during holidays, weekends, or late nights, Uber’s prices will surge dramatically and leave you spending much more money than expected on a lift to the mountains.  You also may run into lack of availability, and not planning ahead for your transportation will have you stranded at the airport until you figure something out.

Shared Shuttles from the Denver Airport

Hands down the most affordable way to Frisco are shared shuttles.  You can book your seat in advance and have a time set for your ride, so once you grab your bags after you land you can hop right on and be skiing Summit County’s slopes in no time.  Riding with Peak 1 Express, you can expect comfortable bucket seats in one of our Mercedes Sprinter vans, which are also equipped with free Wi-Fi and beverages for guests.  During the peak season, Peak 1 Express has 14 trips going to and from the airport daily to accommodate the most flight times of any other shuttle company to Frisco.  Want the most affordable ride to the high country?  Choose to get dropped off at the Frisco Transfer Center and make the way to your lodging by hotel shuttle or the free bus once you’re there.

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Private Transportation Services

Much like Uber or Lyft, there are plenty of companies that offer private transportation.  Though you may end up paying a bit more for a private SUV, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.  Book a private SUV in advance and the driver will work with your schedule and be waiting for you and your group at the airport.  You’ll know what price you’re paying before you schedule your ride, so traffic time and miles won’t rack up the meter throughout the trip.  If you travel with Peak 1 Express, you can either rent a private Chevy Suburban SUV for your family or charter a Mercedes Sprinter van for your bachelor crew or wedding party.  Sit back and relax on your ride to Frisco!  You can even stop by the grocery store on your way or grab your ski rentals for the week.

Watch our latest YouTube video on how to get to Frisco from the Denver Airport, and book your transportation with Peak 1 Express in advance for the most affordable, reliable ride to Frisco.