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Why a Private SUV with Peak 1 Express is Better than Uber or Lyft

With Summit County, Colorado about 2 hours west of the Denver Airport and Vail Valley about half an hour further, what you book for transportation up to the high country in Colorado is a very important part for your travels.  Most people initially want to look at renting a car, which is always an option with a dozen rental car companies available at the Denver Airport.  If you’re traveling all over the state while on your vacation, this may be the best option for you.  You’ll have the lenience of traveling wherever you want, without having to wait for a bus or shuttle and rely on public transportation.  Sounds like a breeze, until you realize what Colorado’s Rocky Mountains are like once a snow storm rolls in.  Maybe you’re a pro at navigating your way through whiteout weather but many aren’t comfortable driving in the elements.  Another option from the Denver Airport up to Summit County or Vail Valley is Uber or Lyft.  With a car at the tip of your fingers through an app on your phone, what could possibly go wrong?  Surge prices get insane during busy times at the airport, and you also have no idea how trained or reliable your driver is going to be.  With all of this noted, the most efficient way to travel is private transportation with Peak 1 Express.

With private services, you pay a set rate and a highly experienced driver will be at the airport waiting for you at the airport when you land.  Our private services are made specifically for your party, with an hour of time allotted for a stop for whatever you need along the way. You don’t have to worry about the other stresses of driving and you can travel in one of Peak 1 Express’ luxury Mercedes Sprinter Vans or private SUVs.  This can be a pricier service, but a great option for both families and larger groups that are traveling to the mountains in Colorado.

So Uber, Lyft, or Peak 1 Express?

Lyft and Uber are super convenient methods of transportation and can be a perfect last minute option if you’re in a bind.  With everything based through an app on your smartphone, Uber and Lyft can sometimes be an immediate solution for transportation and half the time they’re a cheaper option than private transportation.  There are some cons with relying on Uber and Lyft, though   A huge reason to steer clear of these services is the pricing.  Although you can go anywhere you want and you pay per mile,  the surge in pricing can add up very quickly to a huge expense.  Traveling over the holiday season, on weekends, or during odd hours of the day?  Uber and Lyft are probably not a great idea and you have to be prepared to pay a lot more than you thought during these times.  These drivers are also not necessarily trained to drive in the mountains.  Another reason you may want to reconsider this option is that the drivers aren’t always trained professionals.   Almost anyone can sign up in a flash to drive for Lyft or Uber, putting you and your group in unsafe hands.  These drivers also use their own personal vehicles, and there isn’t very good protocol on maintenance updates through the companies.

If you decide to go the shuttle route, there are plenty of options.  Peak 1 Express strives to be the best in the business on many accords.  The first is our drivers: they are interviewed, trained, and in constant communication with dispatchers to keep them up to date on road conditions as well as traffic jams. They are constantly aware of road closures, accidents, and other issues that could affect your travel as soon as they happen, and take safe alternate routes to avoid holdups during your travels.  With Peak 1 Express, your shuttle is booked ahead of time, guaranteeing that you have transportation for you group when you get to the airport.  Your trip is also going to be a comfortable ride in one of our Mercedes Sprinter vans or Chevy Suburban private SUVs.  All the vehicles are equipped with free Wi-Fi, have water on board, and even some High Brew coffee beverages.  The Peak 1 Express fleet is regularly maintained and checked daily by our drivers for any potential issues.  With a mechanic on duty every day at our Breckenridge headquarters, all maintenance is up to date and taken care of right away.  Your ride is paid for when you make the reservation, eliminating potential hidden fees and surge prices you’ll find when traveling with Uber or Lyft.

The most affordable and economical way to travel from the Denver Airport to Summit County or Vail Valley are shared shuttles with Peak 1 Express.  We have discount locations in multiple areas of the high country, which will get you to your ski town destination without too much out of your pocket.  All of the benefits of private transportation with Peak 1 Express are offer on our shared shuttles, such as the knowledgable drivers, Wi-Fi, comfortable bucket seats, and beverages.  Since Peak 1 Express are first shuttles into the airport in the morning and the last one leaving at night, our 14 daily trip times will accommodate the large majority of flight times without long wait times to hop on.

Peak 1 Express makes traveling to and from your destinations easy. Our highly trained drivers take all the fuss and worry out of traveling. an array of shuttle times won’t leave you stranded at the airport, and our private vehicles are designed specifically for you and your group.  You’re sure to be comfortable on your drive in our luxury vehicles with wi-fi and beverages.  With no hidden fees or surge rates, booking your shuttle spot guarantees an affordable price for transportation up to the mountains.  Upgrade your Colorado travel experience and book with Peak 1 Express today.