The Best Things About Spring Skiing

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Image provided courtesy of Jack Affleck and Vail Resorts.
Image provided courtesy of Jack Affleck and Vail Resorts.

Most people would probably assume that the best time to ski is during peak winter season. While many would agree with this statement, there is also a significant amount of skiers who have discovered the sun-saturated goodness of spring skiing. The reasons why so many people love spring skiing may not be as apparent to people who are not native to wintery areas. After finding out why, you ,too, may be sacrificing higher chances for fresh powder in exchange for a sunny day on the slopes!

  • The weather! Probably the most obvious reason for loving spring skiing. At ski resorts, even when the sun is shining with its golden radiance, there will still be a good snow base on the ground. When a good snow base is combined with sunny weather, you get breathtaking views and turns that are smooth and satisfying!
  • Have your cake and eat it too! Skiers will still get to enjoy a fresh powder day here and there while enjoying the rest of the days having fun in the sun! Furthermore, because the snow base is so soft in the sunny weather, braving the terrain park will end in softer landings after that jump.
  • Image provided courtesy of Jack Affleck and Vail Resorts.
    Image provided courtesy of Jack Affleck and Vail Resorts.

    Spring pass deals: If you’re the budget buyer type, spring is the perfect time to go have fun on the slope while saving some money in the process. Deals usually include rest of the season deals or amazing discounts for the next coming season! And be on the lookout for deals going on elsewhere, locally!

  • Bikini skiing!!!┬áBeing more of a label/name, bikini skiing involves men and women equally. Usually involving younger generations, people will seize the [weather] of the day, take their layers off and shred down the mountain in a pair of swimming trunks or a bikini; either to show off or simply to celebrate the irony in being shirtless in the snow.
  • The next best part to spring skiing… is the gnarly hangouts! People thoroughly enjoy the beach-esque hangouts that happen at the base of the mountain at ski resorts. Everyone puts on that vibe, like you’re at a beach, a white beach that is!

download (2)In my opinion, spring skiing is a much better idea than going to the beach during spring break. There are many more things to do, the sun shines with pride, and you can still enjoy warm waters in the hot tubs or pools at your resort! If making your trip obstacles, such as transportation, as easy as possible, then you should consider riding with Peak 1 Express to your desired ski resort in Summit County or Eagle County. While you’re riding up here with us, you can be looking into gathering everything you need to go skiing on the same day!