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driving in the winterDriving in the winter months can often be scary, especially if you are driving in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Nonetheless, driving has become an every day necessity. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind these ten tips for driving safe this winter.

  1. Consider snow tires.
    Though pricey, snow tires can give you great peace of mind as they are built to repel snow and ice build up. They also give your vehicle more traction which makes it easier to get going at stop lights or up hills.
  2. Make sure your all season tires have enough tread.
    If you choose to stick with all season tires, make sure you have enough tread to safely stop in icy conditions. A worn tread can cause your vehicle to take twice as long to come to a complete stop.
  3. Always make sure the tank is full.
    Don’t leave the house with a quarter full tank. If you are to get caught behind an accident, you’ll want to have plenty of gas to keep your car idling and warm until the accident is cleared.
  4. Check the weather often.driving in the winter
    Out here in the Rockies, the sky may be clear one minute and cloudy the next. Check the weather before leaving work to make sure there is no snow in the forecast. If there is snow, plan on taking extra time to get to and from your destination.
  5. Check for road closures/accidents.
    Planning ahead for a detour may save you lots of time in the long run. Being caught behind an accident or closure is no fun.
  6. Prepare a safety kit.
    Blankets, flashlight, phone charger; these are all essentials when driving in winter weather. You never know when an emergency will take place and these items can become detrimental.
  7. driving in the winterKeep your phone in the back seat.
    NO TEXTING AND DRIVING! A patch of black ice can cause an accident instantly if you are not able to react quickly. Keep the phone out of reach to avoid temptation.
  8. Have your breaks checked.
    Breaks that have been checked professionally and are approved for winter conditions are much more likely to save your life should you need to step on them quickly.
  9. Take it slow.
    It’s better to take your time and show up a few minutes late than to not show up at all due to an accident.
  10. Consider taking a mountain shuttle.
    Keep your keys at home and hop on a Peak 1 Express shuttle instead! To make a reservation, contact an agent at Peak 1 Express by calling 855-GOPEAK1.