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Mud season, or shoulder season, as it is often called, is a time for reflection in small mountain towns such as Breckenridge. The town slows down and many locals take advantage of the time to vacation. Take advantage of mud season! It is a time to recharge and remember why Breckenridge in such an amazing place to visit. Before you know it, the summer crowds will be here and the town will be flooded with people. Check out the list of activities available during this time:
  1. Happy Hourmargarita-415360_1280
Although many restaurants close during this time, many are still open including Downstairs at Eric’s, the Canteen, Mi CasaNorthside, and many more. Stop in, have a beer, get some food, and enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere of restaurants that are usually super busy.
  1. Ready Paint Fire
Stop by a Breckenridge favorite, Ready Paint Fire, located on the north end of Main Street. The studio will be open daily during mud season from 11 am to 7 pm, with the exception of May 9th through May 13th. Bring a bottle of wine, get some friends together, and get ready to get creative! Check out their evening events! P.S. Great Mother’s Day activity! Mother’s Day falls on May 8th.
  1. Bowling
What better way to pass the time with friends and family when the weather outside is gloomy? Join the team at Lakeside Bowling in Dillon, Colorado for an evening or afternoon of fun. Open daily from 2 – 10pm, Lakeside Bowl has a full bar and activity for all ages.
  1. Afternoon Matinee
Sick of watching the same shows on Netflix? Catch an afternoon matinee at Skyline Cinema 8, located in Dillon Colorado. Locals prices every Tuesday all day long! Don’t forget – the theater will be closed from Monday, May 9th until Thursday, May 12th for renovations!
  1. Woodward Copper
bowling-237905_1280Last, but not least, spend a day at Woodward Copper! Woodward is an action-packed sports training facility open to all ages and ability levels. They have a year round snowboard, skateboard, ski, bike, and digital media program. The Barn, Woodward’s headquarters, includes a 19,400 square foot indoor facility equip with foam pits, skate bowls, a Super Tramp, spring floor, mini ramps, and multiple Olympic fly-bed trampolines.  
Partake in mud season activities with us locals and take advantage of discounts all over Summit County!