5 Tips to Save on Your Ski Vacation

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If you’ve ever planned a ski trip then you know how all of the aspects can add up. When it comes down to it, the flight, hotel, lift ticket, gear and food make a substantial impact on your bank account. Here are some tips to make your trip much more affordable.

  1. Plan Aheadvillage-at-breckenridge-alpenglow

Sure, a last minute trip to the snowy white mountains can be a great, spontaneous way to get away from it all. It’s important to remember, however, that your spontaneity comes with a hefty price tag. The sooner you sit down, pick out your trip dates, and begin booking your flights, lodging and lift tickets, the less impact your getaway will have on your bottom line.

  1. Pack Your Lunch/Eat In

A good, filling lunch on the mountain will put you back at least $20 per person. Skip the overpriced bread bowl of chili and $8 coke and pack a pb&j instead. Want to step your pb&j game up? Make it on a bagel. Trust me, you won’t be hungry again until last chair and your bank account will thank you.

Due to the altitude of most ski resorts, many offer complimentary water as long as you skip the bottle and go for the cup. No one wants altitude sickness, so it’s important to hydrate with water and beneficial to take advantage of the free water provided at most of the restaurants and yurts on the mountain.

  1. Avoid Holidaysjan.24.10-2

Crowds flock to ski resorts with every holiday that affords them a day or two off of work and/or school. Everything from Thanksgiving and Christmas to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and President’s Day causes mountain towns to not only fill up, but to all see price surges. Flights, lodging and lift ticket prices are all likely to see price increases during the holidays. Avoid the price increases by avoiding these holidays altogether.

  1. Book a Flight/Lodging/Lift Ticket Package

Packaging everything together is a great way to save big bucks. Many lodges offer discounts and deals for lift tickets, which tend to make a bigger dent in your paycheck than you anticipated.

  1. Skip the Car Rental rtSprinter2_road

There’s really no need for a car in the mountains. Most mountain towns are small and the main stretch can be walked entirely in about 15 minutes. Additionally, free shuttles are usually easy to come by in these towns and very easy to navigate. With the ease, convenience and affordability of Peak 1 Express, your airport transportation is also covered. Our 14-passenger Mercedes sprinters are outfitted with wi-fi to make your trip more enjoyable, and our drivers have spent their fair share of time on the oftentimes rough mountain roads. Let us handle the heavy lifting and driving during your ski vacation. Call our sales agents today to book your shuttle service: 855-GO-PEAK1