Moving to the Mountains: 5 Things to Expect

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When moving to the mountains you definitely want to prepare yourself before your move. It can be an exhausting move, but the outcome is outstanding. The beautiful views and lovely people make up for the high prices and harsh weather conditions. Here are 5 things to remember when getting ready to make the move:

  1. Money, money, and more money. One thing that comes with moving to the mountains are the prices. Even the grocery stores are more expensive up here in the mountains. So saving money is a huge thing before making the move out here.
  2. houseHousing is scarce. It can be really hard to find housing up in the mountains. So finding a stable living situation is crucial to do before your move. Craigslist and the paper are great ways to find a place.
  3. Job Market. If you have a career, it can be difficult to find a job in your field. Once people are in their jobs they usually stay forever, making it very difficult to get into your dream job in the mountains. However, with perseverance you can make a career in the mountains!
  4. You will be shoveling a lot. If you have a car you will be shoveling yourself out over half the year. You will have to shovel yourself out of your house and chances are lend a helping hand to a neighbor. Bottom Line: invest in a great shovel.
  5. cold walkBad roads. While that Mustang might look good driving the coast line, it really has no place in the mountains. Invest in a 4×4 car or snow tires. Having a reliable car can make or break your winter. 

Once you get all these things down you are ready to move up to one of the best places you can live in the country. Whether it’s just for a season or long term, the mountains are a place everyone should experience living.