Some of Our Favorite Ski & Snowboard Documentaries

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When searching for the best ski documentaries, remember the heart that goes into making these videos. Each documentary has challenges and journeys of skiers and snowboarders trying to share their individual experiences with fellow skiers and snowboarder and for those less fortunate to not know much of the snow sports industry.

Each documentary has variations of style, tricks, and different locations where they have been filmed. Some of the best skiers and snowboarder take us into their everyday lives and shows us what really goes on. This is your chance to see all that through the director’s eyes. Women and men of all ages bring these sports to a new level and it is jaw dropping what these sports have come to.

One of the first documentaries I must mention is the movie Pretty Faces. This video goes through more than just a skier and snowboard girls tricks, it shows the passion and hard work women go through to compete with men in the industry, Women have to stick together, and with that being said they show off their dedication and talents in this wonderful film.

Another favorite documentary is the Art of Flight. If you somehow haven’t heard of this film you are missing out between the amazing riders great soundtrack and some of the most beautiful places to ride, this film has it all. 

Last but not least is Warren Miller’s film in the 1950’s called Deep and Light. While watching this film you can compare and contrast ski films to what they are now to what the used to be. You will be fascinated how some aspects of skiing have changed significantly and some things are nearly the same these days.

It’s hard to choose “the best” documentary with hundreds containing incredible cinematography to choose from. Skiers and Snowboarder put their heart and souls in these videos and it really does show. Join Peak 1 Express on our Breckenridge Airport Shuttle after you are inspired by watching one of these films!