3 Snowboard Films to Inspire You this Spring

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Spring is an amazing time to ski or snowboard! Imagine goggle tans, sun screen, tans, sun glasses, less layers, slushy snow, and cold drinks! We all enjoy the bright long days of spring, where the roads are clear and the skies are blue, so getting out on the slopes is a necessity. There are many snowboard and ski videos to help inspire and motivate you for this upcoming spring season but here are 3 of our favorites:

  1.  The Defenders of Awesome 2 is perfect for you if you are like to throw down tricks in the park. Some of the best jibbers of our time are in this video! Jess Kimura, Scott Stevens, Kazu Kokubo, and so many other amazing riders are pushing the limits of snowboarding. The Capita Snowboard team will make you crave those sunny, slushy goggle tan kind of days even more than you already do. Not to mention that these riders will have you wanting to buy a Capita snowboard to start jibbing like pro rider Scott Stevens.
  2. Art of Flight is one of the best films of its time. This movie will make you want to buy the soundtrack and re-live it in real life. Some riders in this movie include Travis Rice, John Jackson, Jeremy Jones, Pat Moore and so many more phenomenal snowboarders. Be careful though this video was filmed in some places that will bring your traveling side out! By the end of the movie you will be pulling out your credit card and buying a ticket to Patagonia, Chile or even Breckenridge, CO where we are located!
  3. MAYDAY by VideoGrass is a great film with the best street riding. Snowboarders Joe Sexton and Chris Grenier really stepped up their tricks and creativity for places to perform them. Not only are these riders killing it, they are also hitting urban handrails that you barely imagine how they are doing it!

Whatever ski or snowboard videos get you pumped this spring season are great inspiration for having fun on the slopes! Watching adventure films really does inspire new ideas and brings new concepts that other skiers or riders have invented to help expand your personal skiing and shredding. Have fun out there on the mountain and ride safely to your Breckenridge Airport Shuttle destination with Peak 1 Express.