Our 5 favorite spots at Breckenridge Ski Resort

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With Breckenridge Ski Resort running at full blast it’s hard to pinpoint where you want to ride on the mountain each certain day. Here at Peak 1 Express we think choosing which part of the mountain to ride depends on the conditions. Powder days call for different terrain than sunny soft snow days. Keeping that in mind, here are some spots that you should be checking out on the mountain if you can head up!

  1. On a powder day, Imperial Bowl is a great place to get first tracks. Imperial is the highest lift in North America, so its definitely a jaw dropping experience with beautiful views. You might have to wipe away the lingering snow from face shots on your goggles and look at the views of the mountain ranges. You can even see Keystone Mountain Resort from way up there!
  1. For groomer days we  suggest riding on Peak 9. There are a lot of intermediate runs on Peak 9 which is always fun. We like the run American because you can B line down and get some pretty hefty speeds.
  1. If you’re looking for a sunny park day and you are an advanced park rider, we suggest heading over to Park Lane. Voted 2nd Best park in the country on Worlds Snowboard Guide  this park is full of rails, jumps, boxes, and much much more. Stop by the park and show off your moves.
  1. If you are more of an extreme advanced park rider put your skills to the test in Freeway Park. These jumps are enormous and will take your breath away. Freeway Park includes the half pipe, a couple of huge rails and boxes as well. This park is not for the queasy!
  1. Last but not least, come show us your speeds and moves off some rollers on Peak 7. You can take the gondola or lifts to Peak 7 and there are some pretty neat trails you will ride over there. Wire Batch Run has a bunch of rollers so be careful with speeds! Just as a warning, know that the rollers may be larger than they appear, but with proper speed checks and taking the time to scope out landings, you are sure to have a blast.

With all this being said go out and have some fun at Breckenridge Ski Resort! There are so many great places to ski or board at Breckenridge it’s hard to pick just 5 favorites! Always remember getting lost on the mountain can bring some great adventures and new journeys. Go ahead scope out which runs or areas are your favorites and let all of us at Peak 1 Express know!

Do You Know? Our summit county transportation options includes a dedicated Breckenridge airport shuttle offering year-round service.