Tips for Exploring a New Ski Resort in Colorado

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Colorado is home to several world class ski destinations such as Breckenridge and Vail. However, to the first time visitor new terrain and runs will be overwhelming. To help you get the most of your ski vacation we have included a few local’s tips for exploring a new ski resort!

  • If coming from the East Coast especially, the mountains out here can be slightly intimidating. With the sheer size alone and vast amount of trails on these mountains, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help make the most out of your ski days, study the map in advance and plan Breck Skiingyour attack on the hill!
  • It can be difficult to get to the know the mountain, especially when you spend half the time waiting in lift lines! Beat the crowds by skiing mid-week- that is the best tip of them all! 
  • Some people when coming to the resorts feel that they are experts and don’t need any additional lessons. What some people don’t realize though is even if you are an expert, what could be better than getting shown around the mountain by a pro? Get a private lesson scheduled with you and your buddies. Your instructor will be more than happy to show you around the mountain to all the awesome stashes and act as your own private tour guide!

Visiting a new resort for the first time is exciting! While the resorts out here offer tons of new terrain to explore, it can be a bit overwhelming when visiting for the first time. Whether it is as simple as studying the map the night before, or getting your own personal instructor to show you around, there are tons of ways to make a new resort seem like your home mountain! Ride up to your mountain destination with Peak 1 Express and we will offer more tips in person.