5 Ways Shuttle Service can Increase your Productivity

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Are you tired of driving and missing out on precious hours of your life? We can help! Here are 5 ways taking mountains shuttle service instead of driving can increase your productivity and make you happier!

  1. fom-193-memory-travel-core-pillow-useGet the rest you need: A long day of flying followed by a couple hour commute up the hill can make anyone exhausted. Our drivers are Colorado locals and have been trained to drive in winter weather so you can relax and not stress. Grab one of those handy-dandy neck pillows and take a quick snooze to feel more refreshed and ready to ski when you get to the hill. 
  2. Get work done: We have complimentary Wi-Fi on all of our shuttles which means you can check email or work on projects while you ride with us. Studies say that it is best to check emails in the afternoon, so if you have a evening shuttle, this can especially handy for you. Bring your laptop or your smart phone and you will be set up to get stuff done while we take care of the driving for you. 
  3. Get time to talk to a friend: Talking on the  phone while driving isn’t exactly the best idea when the roads are covered in ice or snow. If you ride with us, you can catch up on gossip with your friend or make business calls and not have to worry. We promise our drivers won’t eavesdrop! 
  4. Catch up on reading: Even though we have Wi-Fi, you can also catch up on reading on our shuttles. Whether it be on a Kindle or an actual book, the smooth ride the Mercedes Sprinters give will allow you to read in peace. 
  5. Drink more water: we provide complimentary water on our shuttles and studies show that being hydrated contributes to overall energy levels which will in turn, help you stay more focused and productive. Plus, when traveling from low altitudes up to the mountains, it is necessary to up your water intake to battle high altitude sickness and just plain not feeling good. When you ride with us you are killing two birds with one stone: you will have more energy and acclimate better to the altitude.

See? Instead of stressing over driving to your mountain destination from Denver International Airport (DIA), use our shuttle to increase your productivity. Our mountain shuttle will get your to your destination– whether it be Breckenridge, Vail or Keystone, safely and affordably.