How did Peak 1 Express get its name?

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images (23)We are excited to announce that Peak 1 Express emerged four years ago in Summit County. Since then Peak 1 Express (P1E, as we like to call it) has expanded into Vail and has experienced tremendous growth and success.  However, we were not always called P1E. When our founders started the business and it was just starting out, we were called Breck Direct. Taking you direct from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge was our forte, but as we grew we needed an all inclusive name. A name that was as prominent as the mountains we not only service, but play in as well.

rtSprinter2_roadIf you live in or visit Summit County you are familiar with the surroundings of high alpine peaks, most notably the Ten Mile Range. Even if you are on your way to Vail, you will see the Ten Mile Range standing tall behind Frisco and serving as the base for Breckenridge Ski Resort is the Ten Mile Range. The Ten Mile Range is a series of 10 peaks spanning exactly 10 miles! When arriving into the mountains and entering Summit County you first lay eyes on Peak 1, the start of Ten Mile Range. Since Peak 1 is such a significant awe striking mountain, we only saw fit to name our shuttle company after it and alas Peak 1 Express was born!

We are proud to say  that Peak 1 Express is a true mountain company– born and raised. Book a ride with us and reach your peak with Peak 1 Express today!