5 Airport Travel Tips and Tricks

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Traveling can be stressful, especially if you do not do it often. However, there are ton of awesome tips and tricks that can make your travel hassle free! Take a look at these 5 airport travel tips and tricks from your favorite mountain shuttle


  • When in the airport you will be going through security.  One trick is to wear something comfortable and easy. You will be taking off your shoes when going through security, so instead of wearing shoes with a laces or cowboy boots that take 15 minutes to take off where something easy to slip on. Also remember to avoid a ton of jewelry, belts, and other metal objects that could set of the detector. 


  • Catching a flight is no easy task. You have to wake up hours before your flight, just to get to the airport and check in, then spend hours on a plane, and then finally you reach your destination, that is if you don’t have a connection flight. All that time spent traveling to and from it is easy to work up an appetite. If possible pack snacks before heading to the airport and save some money. If not, you can be looking at a pretty expensive bag of trail-mix and bottle of water. 

Pavilion PantryCHECKED BAGS!

  • Avoid checked bags if you can. Carrying your bags on not only saves time while traveling, but also you eliminate the risk of lost baggage.


  • One crucial part of flying is knowing when your flight leaves. Check flight times before. One common mistake happens when your flight is delayed. Most of us believe we don’t have to be to the airport until the new time, make sure to keep in mind sometimes flights will be delayed and then all the sudden be back to their normal schedule, keep an eye on your flight. It is also helpful before getting to the airport having your IDs and tickets in an easily accessed place. Lastly, make sure you have a way from the airport to your final destination! 

blogSpanCHECK IN!

  • Most of the airlines offer check-in 24hrs prior to your flight! So what does this mean to you, you may ask. Well, The earlier you check-in for your flight the better boarding number you get. Getting priority boarding allows you to get the most overhead space in addition to getting you the seat of your choice. 

Whether going away on a week adventure to Breckenridge, or a weekend getaway, keep in mind these simple yet effective tricks and tips to save time money and a whole lot of grief! Happy traveling friends.