10 Myths About Shared Ride Transportation

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Do you get a nervous feeling while traveling? A feeling that starts in the pit of your tummy and creeps up into  your throat? If you know this feeling, chances are you may be an anxious traveler. Traveling can be crazy and stressful so anxiety is completely understandable. However, traveling can also be hassle free and calming. Take a peek at these 10 myths about shared ride transportation to help ease your mind. 

  • images (23)Myth #1: Shared transportation is just as expensive as renting a car.
    • False. When you rent a car you a paying for the gas and while it can be as low as $13 a day, you will have that car your whole trip even if you aren’t driving anywhere. Plus the cost of your gas while traveling.
  • Myth #2: Shared transportation takes a lot more time.
    • False. Once you go and get a car after you land, wait in line at the car rental place, proceed to then get stuck in traffic, risk the chance of getting lost because you may not know your way to Summit or Eagle County, you will be looking at way more travel time than if you were to have just hopped in a shuttle. 
  • Myth #3: Shuttles are crowded. 
    • False. We have the roomiest shuttles. Our Mercedes Sprinters hold up to 14 passengers and each seat gives you your own space with lots of leg room!
  • Myth #4: Shuttle are smelly.
    • False. We provide you with the cleanest shuttles possible. Every time our drivers comeIMG_1757 back to home base, our shuttles are cleaned extensively.
  • Myth #5: There are several stops before arriving to your destination or to DIA.
    • False. We do not make ANY stops until we get to your destination or to DIA. We don’t want to take more time out of your trip then needed.
  • Myth #6: Riding with kids is always horrible.
    • False. With free WiFi in our shuttles it is easy to entertain both kids and adults. Plus, with free booster and car seats, we make it easy and convenient to travel kids so you do not have to worry.
  • Myth #7: Shuttles are not safe. 
    • False.The shuttle route is your safest bet coming to the mountains. Our drivers our highly trained at mountain driving. Plus our Mercedes sprinters are fully equipped with everything one would need for safe travel in the mountains. Tough Winter Driving 300x200
  • Myth #8: You pay per bag.
    • False.  Our roomy shuttles can accommodate for 3 bags per person– one of which can be a ski bag!!
  • Myth #9: Shuttles can’t accommodate late arrivals.
    • False. Peak 1 Express has the latest shuttle service to and from Breckenridge and all Summit and Eagle County destinations. Have a flight coming in at 10:30? Our shuttles Pick up from DIA as late as 11:15pm,
  • Myth #10: If you miss your shuttle you are out of luck.
    • False. Don’t worry we won’t leave you stranded. If you miss your shuttle we will get you on the next available one, in a timely manner.

The rumors you have heard about taking shared transportation are false. Shared transportation is a great way to save money and  to take away the burden of driving in an unfamiliar place. Try our service for your next trip and we promise, we won’t let you down!