7 Fun Facts about Eagle Airport

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If you’re looking to spend some time in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, but don’t want to have to make the drive from the Denver International Airport, do not fret you have options. The Eagle County Regional Airport is located justeagleCountyRegionalAirport minutes from Vail Colorado, and is an awesome option for those looking to take advantage of every second of their vacation. See how great the Eagle Airport is with these 7 fun facts!

  • In July of 2012 The History Channel ranked the Eagle County Regional Airport as the eighth most extreme airport. Eagle owes it’s ranking to being at high elevation, unpredictable weather patterns, an approach through mountainous terrain and challenging departure procedures
  • Eagle Airport is the second largest airport in the state of Colorado. It is second only to Denver International. This is because of its prime location and also its ability to handle larger aircrafts then most of the other airports in the state.
  • The Eagle Airport is largely seasonal. It may not come as a surprise that the winter months is when the Eagle airport is bustling. During the summer months they are able to run on a much lighter staff.
  • Eagle Airport consists of just one concourse and 5 terminals! There are only three luggage carrels, but there is a special shoot specifically for skis and snowboards.airplane
  • American, Air Canada, Delta, and United Airlines are the only airlines that have regular flights going in and out of Eagle Airport. There are special circumstances for private planes however.
  • The Eagle County Sheriff provides the first line of response for security alerts. There are however three fire trucks that live on site, as well as a full crew of snow plows.
  • Since 1983 there have only been three reported to the ASN Safety Database accidents at the airport, and not a single fatality.

While the Eagle Airport may not be the first thing people think of when coming to Colorado, it is close and convenient, has a great safety record, and is sure to get your heart pounding on snowy mountain day. And even if Eagle County is not your final destination, Peak 1 Express has got you covered and can get you to your final Breckenridge or mountain destination safely.