Kim Lichwa

Excellent product, service AND customer service. In the booking process, I called and spoke with Kody. Their schedules were similar to competitor, prices were lower. The competitor didn’t answer, I got recordings, I booked Peak1, their vans also appeared superior/new. Afterwards, I called several times, to change my reservation due to air delays, Kody knew me on a first name basis! We also had to change the drop off location to a hostile as my sons apartment complex office closed at 5. He put me on hold, verified the drop off point serviced. I went with Peak1 originally unknowing the actual service because they answered the phone which was a big deal to me. At the end of a weary stressful travel day, coming off a flight in seat 32E, no sleep my son had a very comfortable, new, reliable van and with a needed phone charger! He said Zack was his driver, no complaints whatsoever. This is a newer company, a small business and I support that. I am a retired international airline employee and am going to recommend Peak 1 to all my co-workers and travel groups. Am a customer forever, no need to try anyone else. Once I called closer to 9 pm, Ryan answered (Kody’s boss/ the owner?) They are awesome and reliable in their business.
For those who want more detail, On the travel day my sons 2nd segment from ORD was cancelled, he tried 3 flights to get out, then went to IAH, arrived late, got the last seat on nxt flt after missing connection by abt 10 mins, took another 45 min weather delay & missed the 6:30 Peak1- made the last shuttle after changing from the 1:30 to the 6:30 to 9:30, Kody was helpful with local hotel info should he miss the last one. When you travel you are stressed, and I was doubly stressed losing my youngest son of 5 kids, total empty -nester as KC headed out to be a ski group photographer at Breckenridge Resort. Was a rough traumatic day & he couldn’t have been in better hands, and what great pleasant customer service. Wishing you all a great season, heard there’s a foot of snow already on the mountain the past 48 hrs!