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Highly recommend!

Because I didn’t book a car rental in time for my visit to Denver I was so bummed I had to take a shuttle to my destination in Eagle, Co. Boy, was I wrong! The directions to find the shuttle were perfect, the driver arrived at 10:55 for an 11 am pickup. We pulled out at 11:05 and were on the road in a very plush, clean, van with lots of room, free-wifi and free bottles of water. Dragan (my driver) was incredibly professional, put safety first and so nice! The van was 3/4 full and we stopped 3 times to drop people off which was very efficient. I did visit in summer when it isn’t ‘as busy’ as winter ski season so allow more time there and back in winter when you probably have more passengers and stuff to unload. You are dropped off RIGHT in front of your destination so how nice is that!
I wasn’t bummed at all that I didn’t get to do my original plan and stop along my drive up in the mountains if I had my own vehicle but instead got to really take in the scenery and let the driver navigate the back up of traffic. I would highly recommend Peak 1…you’ll be less stressed and enjoy your trip!